Information and action on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is moving fast and will continue over the coming weeks & months. Your Chamber is dedicated to providing you with the best local resource to protect your business, your family and our community.

Please get involved wherever possible, communicate with us, share and encourage others to subscribe to our communications.

Together as a united Valley, we will
weather the storm.
We have your direct line to the
provincial and federal governments.
The CV Chamber - in partnership with BC Chamber, Small Business BC, Community Futures, and British Columbia Economic Development Association—is urgently seeking your input around current and contemplated impacts to businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your feedback will be sent directly to the provincial and federal governments to inform how they can help businesses mitigate the damage of this global market disruption, and recover.

The survey will take under 4 minutes to complete and
closes in two days (March 18th)
It is imperative that our community rallies together during this time and we strongly encourage everyone to support local business as much as possible.
Many local businesses have already created an official statement on their website and social media. In an effort to centralize communication from your business to our visitors, municipalities and local community members, Please quickly submit your information below.
Its not all doom and gloom...
There is some GOOD NEWS emerging in the fight against this pandemic. Here are 10 reasons why scientists are optimistic
1. Scientists know its identity and have sequenced its genome.
2. Scientists can detect it quickly ( BC was a leader in this work )
3. The situation in China is improving.
4. 80% of cases are mild.
5. People get cured.
6. COVID-19 affects minors a lot less than other viruses.
7. The virus can be inactivated.
8. There are already more than 150 scientific articles.
9. Prototype vaccines are now available.
10. There are more than 80 clinical trials with antivirals underway.
Local Business Spotlight
We will be selecting two businesses from our Business Statement Database to feature in every mail out. If your business if offering promotions or opportunities to help others during this time,
please email us .
Brand Scrubbers is a one stop shop for all your online needs including website maintenance & development, social media management, email campaigns and much more... 

They have been invaluable for helping the CV Chamber communicate effectively during this time. Their customer service is exceptional and they wish to offer the Valley community 50% OFF all services for those impacted and who could use help communicating online.
From Scratch offers take-out and their freezer is full of delicious, prepared meals for you and your family.

The well-being of their guests is their absolute priority, and you can be assured that health & safety has our complete attention as we have always worked within the highest hygiene standards in our day to day business.

They are following developments on a daily basis with intense scrutiny and continue to remain calm while cooking up a storm and enjoying each others’ company in their market bistro haven.
Have the correct information from official resources
Your Chamber will continue to monitor the situation but encourage business owners and our greater community to be informed and use clear, accurate and up-to-date information from official resources only:
We foresee an increase in need for services such as delivery drivers (paid or voluntary) and we may explore linking businesses with individuals who wish to offer this.
By all of us doing our part both in health and safety and responsible communication, we will get through this challenge together.

Your Chamber Team