March 12, 2020

Dear ReServe Partners and ReServists:
ReServe is mindful that the current COVID-19 situation may affect workplaces for ReServists and ReServe Partners.

Considering this, we offer the following observations and resources:

Please remain informed by following all public health announcements in the workplace and at home.

ReServe Government and Community Agency Partners:

1) ReServe partners make decisions regarding workplace policy and practice for all ReServists, including, but not limited to, those who may:

a. need to be excused from the workplace
b. be granted permission to work remotely
c. other workplace specific contingencies

2) ReServe government and community agency supervisors with direct questions about how ReServe and Alpha Business Solutions policies apply may contact:

Allison St. Hill - Alpha Business Solutions ( )
Office - (732) 784-1595
Mobile - (570) 994-5299


Noelle Minter - ReServe ( )
Office - (646) 931-2316


3) ReServists entitled to paid sick time (PTO) may refer inquiries to Alpha Business Solutions ( and )

Allison St. Hill - Alpha Business Solutions ( )
Office - 732-784-1595
Mobile - 570-994-5299

4) Those who need to request unpaid time absent from the workplace should speak to their ReServe government/community agency supervisor first, who will in turn consult with Alpha Business Solutions and ReServe.