COVID-19: Governor's Stay-at-Home Order
TO: Faculty and Staff
FROM: Idaho State University
SUBJECT: COVID-19: Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order
Less than an hour ago, Governor Brad Little issued an executive order directing all residents to immediately heed current State of Idaho public health directives and stay home. The Governor’s stay-at-home order is effective immediately and lasts 21 days. Exceptions to the stay-at-home order include essential critical infrastructure sectors and those designated as critical to protect the health and well-being of Idahoans.
Effective immediately, all University employees, other than those below who have been designated as essential, should work with their supervisor immediately to begin telecommuting if they have not already done so. 
The University is still open for business, however, all services will be provided by remote delivery. Classes will still resume using distance-based instruction on Monday, March 30. For the foreseeable future, all employees will continue to get paid during the duration of the shelter-in-place order.

Essential employees are designated as those critical for the continued on-campus operations of Idaho State, and include:
  • Public Safety officers and staff
  • Critical Facilities Services staff (as directed by Glen Nelson, Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs, and Cheryl Hanson, Associate Vice President of Facilities Services)
  • University Health, Bengal Pharmacy, and Family Medicine clinicians and staff
  • Food services staff supporting take-out options for University Housing
  • Clinical activities conducted with our partner practice plans and hospitals
  • Research laboratories are expected to convert to minimal essential personnel as needed to maintain lab function. Research laboratories and activities should follow the communication guidelines that will be sent out shortly from the Office for Research.
  • Core research facilities, such as support for experimental animals, under the guidance of the Office for Research. 
If you have questions about whether your role is considered essential, please reach out to your supervisor first. If there are issues that are unresolved, contact your department/unit director. Human Resources can advise managers and employees as needed. Please contact the HR Office at (208) 282-2517 or for further guidance.
Additional guidance related to temporary remote work assignments and social distancing efforts is available online . In all cases, the University requests employees to transition all in-person meetings to Zoom or another online platform. We have posted tips and ideas online to help. 
In the near future, many campus facilities will be closed to facilitate deep-cleaning, and then remain shut off for general use. Employees will continue to have access to their laboratories and offices, but in some cases entry may require a key or Bengal Card.
Students were also sent an email about the stay-at-home order and available University resources. Idaho State’s COVID-19 website will be fully updated in the next few hours. The University has also set up a COVID-19 hotline at (208) 282-INFO to answer any additional questions. Bengals are encouraged to check the website often for regular updates.
If you have questions, please email or call (208) 282-INFO.