Hello Friends,
The emergence of COVID-19 has certainly changed thing quickly, hasn't it? There are moments when it's easy to forget the alarming situation that we're all in together: early stages of nesting season are definitely underway, and so many of the sights and sounds outside are wonderfully "normal" for this time of year. Such an odd juxtaposition that is sometimes difficult to process and accept. In the coming weeks, please be even more careful than you think you need to be, both for your own good and for the good of our whole flock!
Good Advice from the Birds!

Nesting Season Basics

Want to offer prime nesting opportunities to our local birds? Now is a great time to get those new nest boxes up and to clean out any existing boxes that you may already have .

Many birds prefer particular locations, types, and/or sizes for their houses: give us a call and let us help you pick out the right nest boxes and locations for the birds that visit your yard. 

While many types of birds will readily nest in a nest box, there are some that typically won't. Northern Cardinals are an example of a bird that is more likely to build a nest in one of your shrubs than in a bird house. For these birds, you can  make your yard an attractive nesting option  by providing a dependable supply of fresh seed and water. If these birds are aware of a good, reliable food source, they will be more likely to nest nearby. We offer many types of seed, seed blends, and suet - they are the freshest in town and a real treat for your birds. Again, give us a call and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose the right food for your  nesting  and visiting birds.

When adding or replacing plants in your landscape, consider and prioritize native plants. They'll provide a natural food source for a variety of wildlife, are adapted to thrive in our region, and will beautify your surroundings. You can learn more about bird-friendly native plants for our area at Audubon NC's website, and you can find them at our native plant sales when life gets back to normal!
Curbside Pickup Available!

We are now offering a social distancing-friendly way for you to have the supplies you need as nesting season begins: curbside pickup! Simply call and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to process your purchase via phone. Give us another call when you're outside the store, and we'll be out to you ASAP with your purchase and receipt.

For Southport pickup please call: 910 457-9453.
For Wilmington pickup please call: 910 343-6001.

We're doing what we can to help keep the communities we love healthy and safe, and we look forward to chatting with everyone about their bird sightings, questions, and news just as soon as possible!
Stay-at-Home Birding

For now, it's looking like it will be wise to spend a lot more time at home. You may already have feeders and houses set up outside your windows, and these will likely provide plenty of entertainment as nesting season gets into full swing. Take your binoculars for a walk  around the yard or neighborhood; you may be surprised by the variety of birds around you! Last but not least, there are so many fantastic webcams available for all of us to enjoy from the comfort and safety of home. Beware: they can be addictive! You can't go wrong by starting with the great variety offered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. CLICK HERE to see what's available, and happy viewing/birding!
As always, we thank you for reading. This is usually such an exciting time of year and, like you, we are so anxious for everything to get back to normal. For now, our upcoming classes, programs, trips, and sales are all postponed. We will have everything rescheduled just as soon as we can, so keep an eye on our website and social media accounts. This really is a trying time. We hope that everyone stays safe and well and errs on the side of caution as we all navigate these uncertain waters together. Our choices have the potential to impact the severity and duration of this experience, so let's all choose wisely! We wish all of you the very best of luck and health, today and always. 

Happy (armchair) Birding!
  Jill and the  Wild Bird & Garden Team

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