As COVID-19 (the coronavirus) spreads across Florida, GLS wants you to be prepared! The best way to stay safe is by washing your hands frequently and thoroughly . Count for 20 seconds while using antibacterial soap and avoid touching your nose, mouth, and face. Anyone showing symptoms (coughing, sneezing, temperature 100.4 or higher, difficulty breathing) should contact their primary care physician or county health department.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and The World Health Organization (WHO) websites are the best to visit for up to date information regarding the virus and its spread worldwide. For up to date information on the spread of the virus in Florida, check the Florida Department of Health .

While you are staying safe and healthy from COVID-19, be on the lookout for scams regarding the virus . These may include any of the following:

1)   Fake emails, text messages, and phone calls regarding the virus.
  • WHO will never ask for direct donations to emergency response plans via email, separate websites, calls or texts.
  • Neither WHO nor the CDC will send an email with a “click here” attachment for more information. Never click an attachment from an unknown sender.
2) Fake coronavirus-related websites that offer “cures,” vaccines, testing kits, and prophylactic items.
3)   Third-party sellers (through Amazon, Walmart) marketing tainted, damaged, used, expired and otherwise unsafe products.
4)   Fake fundraising on social media, either for a supposed victim of coronavirus or a charity group claiming to serve these victims.
  • More info on spotting fake fundraisers is available from AARP here.

Remember that legitimate communication from the CDC or other health providers will never ask for personal or financial information such as your Social Security number or bank account information. In addition, the CDC also provides information about preventing the spread of coronavirus in long-term care facilities , with a focus on increased communication and following proper hand-washing procedures.