COVID-19: Updates and Resources
JVC Northwest continues to monitor reports of COVID-19 global pandemic. We will continue to provide information to our JV/AmeriCorps members weekly as we learn of new updates and information to provide to each of you and how it may impact your service year. Read on for more information about potential impacts to your service and familiarize yourself with the guidance from the Center for Disease Control here . As we continue to receive guidance from health professionals, we will keep you all updated, recognizing our guidance and recommendations may change and shift as more information becomes available. Please reach out to your Program Coordinator (PC) with questions and concerns as they arise.
Considering a Return to On-Site Service
CORRECTION - The initial version of this email did not link to the Risk Assessment. We have corrected the URLs below.

 As locales across the Northwest begin to re-open, we encourage JV/AmeriCorps members and Site Supervisors to discuss the potential for a mutually agreeable timeline and conditions for a return to partial or full-time on-site service that aligns with state phasing and minimizes risk. We know some of you have already completed or are currently engaged in this process.

As our partners in locale, you are in the best position to have reliable information about local conditions and appropriate safety precautions. We have included links to CDC and state guidance below as well. Please use the Risk Assessment to determine when and how a return to service can be accomplished. 
  • The decision to return to low to medium risk on-site service lies with JV/AmeriCorps members, JV communities, and agencies. Approval from JVC Northwest is not needed. If parties are unable to reach consensus, please contact your PC and inform them of competing needs or difference in risk tolerances and make a request for support.

  • Low to medium risk activities are okay. We now can support low to medium risk activities when partner agencies, JV/AmeriCorps members, and their communities can also support these activities.

  • When to involve JVC Northwest: Creative service and solutions that mitigate risk are welcome! If on-site service differs from pre-pandemic service, such as substantially different activities or service site, we request that Site Supervisors send your PC an email describing the change. This information aids us in updating position descriptions. As referenced above, please contact your PC if the parties involved in the decision to return to on-site service cannot reach consensus.

  • JV/AmeriCorps member and community preliminary conversation: Prior to discussing a return to service with Site Supervisors, we ask that JVs collaborate with their community mates to answer risk assessment questions communally and bring that information to the discussion with their Site Supervisors. Site Supervisors, please support your JV/AmeriCorps members in this process. If you would like support navigating any portion of these conversations, please talk to your PC.
Resources and Support
Questions to consider when discussing a return to on-site service and seeking consensus:

  • What is each party's (JV/AmeriCorps member, Partner Agency, JV Community) starting point? What brought them to that place? 
  • Where is there commonality with individual motivations? 
  • Where is there difference with individual motivations? 
  • Where could we move towards consensus? 

Contact your PC to request additional support, such as individual assistance in preparing for conversations, community-conversation facilitation, assistance in seeking multi-party consensus, and/or navigating decision-making processes.
Updates and Guidance by State
CDC Recommendations
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