Good Morning, Church,

After much prayer and discussions, the Elders of Lifeway have made the decision to move church this Sunday to ONLINE ONLY due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this situation being so fluid and learning new things minute by minute, we too want to be flexible and wise in how we proceed as a church. 

We promised you that we would be prayerful and prepared, and I think you can add one more thing to that… proactive. We said that we have been in discussions and in communication with officials and church leaders around the area, and that we would make the necessary changes as we feel God is leading us to. We feel this is the most loving and wise response we could have in times like this.

People matter to God and people matter to us. We are called to love our neighbor, and after much prayer, we feel this is the most loving response we could have. Although there are many who think this situation is an overblown, political driven, media frenzy, there are also people, who the government has deemed as high risk and they are very fearful. So, out of a love for ALL we feel this is a Christ honoring decision. 

We know that God is in control of this situation. In fact, He’s not surprised by this in the least! Knowing this, we are not afraid of COVID-19. Instead in times like these there is no better time to turn than to the One who is worthy of our praise. So, we will worship this Sunday, just in a different format. We will still BE THE CHURCH. As a church, we see this as an opportunity to give people hope by pointing them to Jesus. While leveraging the beauty of technology, so that we can still do that in a safe and responsible way. 

So, as far as this Sunday is concerned we will not have a “live service,” but instead, we invite and encourage you to worship online with us at 10:30am this Sunday. Still BE THE CHURCH! If you know of someone who doesn’t have a place to worship this Sunday, encourage them to tune in from their home to worship with Lifeway. Pastor Josh and the Elders will address this time in our country directly. They may be looking for answers and maybe your invite leads them to Jesus. 

The building is not the Church, WE are the Church. So, you can still pray, worship, and give online at  or go to Lifeway’s Youtube channel or our Facebook page. We will be gathered together in the Spirit of Christ, and we will worship him, because he is worthy of praise. We will see you all Sunday at Lifeway Church Online!

p.s. Be sure to go online and listen to Pastor Josh’s video  HERE.


The Elders of Lifeway Church