COVID-19: Service Updates
JVC Northwest continues to monitor reports of COVID-19 global pandemic. We will continue to provide information to our JV/AmeriCorps members weekly as we learn of new updates and information to provide to each of you and how it may impact your service year. Read on for more information about potential impacts to your service and familiarize yourself with the guidance from the Center for Disease Control here . As we continue to receive guidance from health professionals, we will keep you all updated, recognizing our guidance and recommendations may change and shift as more information becomes available. Please reach out to your Program Coordinator (PC) with questions and concerns as they arise.
Dear JV/AmeriCorps members and Site Supervisors:
Thanks to those of you who have filled out the Remote Service Planning Form. You have supported efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, helped us continue operations, and secured the pre-approval needed for JVs to continue to record AmeriCorps service hours. If you have not yet filled out that form, please do so here . As we extend our recommendation to refrain from non-essential travel and serving onsite until April 10, 2020, we also want to return focus to a collaborative decision-making process for JV/AmeriCorps member service options.   
The plan you submitted via the Remote Service Planning Form is approved unless you hear back from us; please proceed if you have not already!  
On-going Process for Changes in Service  
We encourage those of you who can to continue with the service activities described in your position descriptions without going to the service site (“remote service”) or to continue new, co-created service activities that benefit your Partner Agency (“adapted service”) and/or your communities (“alternative service”). 
If you need to change JV service activities as circumstances continue to change, please provide the information via the  Remote Service Planning Form  to amend JV position descriptions to include adapted or alternative service activities, or training.  Keep in mind:
  • Approval to accrue hours via changed service activities is given as of the date on the form, so please date and submit your form in advance of beginning the new service activities.   

  • AmeriCorps Members must avoid prohibited activities: JVs must be engaged in direct service and cannot replace staff. A complete list of prohibited activities is here. Questions regarding AmeriCorps compliance should be directed to AmeriCorps Program Manager Ben Carver

  • If remote service activities for your organization are limited, identify service activities that respond to your local communities’ needs. Service activities can also include training (see Schedule & Inventory tool). 

  • Service activities should amount to full-time service (32-40 hours/week). 

  • Service may include a mix of remote service, adapted service, alternative service, and training hours. If you need assistance in establishing a mix of options, please contact your Program Coordinator (PC) to talk through your options.  
We recognize that many of our partners are significantly altering their operations, either by ramping up responsive services or by halting operations all together. If your site can no longer support a JV or, conversely, could support an additional JV, please contact your Program Coordinator. 
Risk Assessment Tool
Risk Assessment Tool and Other Resources  
We invite JVs and Site Supervisors for whom remote or adapted service activities are unavailable or not full-time to co-identify low-risk, creative service alternative activities that respond to local community needs. Please use this Risk Assessment Tool to generate and evaluate service activities. If you would like additional support imagining alternative service activities, please contact your PC. 
JV/AmeriCorps members may also accrue some training hours under the supervision of JVC Northwest staff if no other service options are identified. Please start with the  Schedule & Inventory tool  to initiate this collaboration.  
JV Support Fund
COVID-19 has certainly brought the unexpected to us all. Similar to JV/AmeriCorps Members’ contingency funds, JVC Northwest maintains a member assistance fund for the unexpected, although this is our first pandemic. The unexpected for JV communities could include additional financial needs such as extra cleaning supplies, internet connection, or materials for a new service training component. We invite JVs and JV Communities to work through a process with us to evaluate your best path forward. You can find this process here . We look forward to working with you through this process. 
Updates and Guidance by State
CDC Recommendations
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