Tuesday, March 17, 2020
It is only fitting on this St. Patrick's Day that we look at the real meaning of this day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a story of the triumph of the human spirit. It is a time when we all can learn from how the Irish overcame these adversities: with faith, family, and loyal service to the community.

As part of our BIA Community we will continue to send you daily updates regarding COVID-19. We hope these updates will help keep you informed on how this pandemic is impacting our industry and our association and provide you with some helpful tips as we all navigate this trying time together.

After determining how the BIA would operate during this unprecedented pandemic we began reaching out to all the local government officials we regularly work with so we could provide you with information on how they plan to proceed. This includes development plan and permit review as well as all required inspections. We will continue to communicate with our local government partners to provide you the best information we can gather. 
Today we are working with our national and state associations to ensure that ALL construction would be protected against any further shutdown of business. We do not believe this is the case but are working to protect you in this ever changing world. 
NAHB has launched a webpage geared for your industry to stay informed and modify your business practices and procedures.  You may find that here.
We highly recommend you modify your practices in your models, showrooms, business places and on your job sites, especially for remodelers. NAHB is working to create specific nationwide best practices but until then consider your marketing, messaging, cleaning programs, your workers, and your customers. The lowering of the Federal Reserves borrowing rate will increase the demand for homes so you may actually experience a higher model traffic volume. 
For additional guidance, although not industry specific, I suggest you read the Center for Disease Control's guidance for businesses.  

Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services

On the recommendation of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness regarding social distancing,  EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY , Develop Louisville and Codes & Regulations request that you primarily interface with our offices by phone, email or fax. 

This is a preventative measure to cut down on unnecessary in person interaction.

If you think you need to visit us in person,  PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL FIRST ,   to discuss whether your particular need can be met without coming to the office. Plans and permit applications may be dropped off in the First Floor Conference Room at 444 S. 5th St. ABC permit applications can be submitted through our online permitting portal at  www.aca-louisville.accela.com/ljcmg . If you are having trouble filing online, call 574-3591.

Additionally, printed materials and general information is available in the First Floor Conference Room, and payments can still be made on the First Floor of 444 S. 5th St.

For matters pertaining to Planning and Design Services , call 574-6230 or Andrea Coleman at 574-5177. Case information can be found at  https://louisvilleky.gov/government/planning-design .

For matters pertaining to vacant and abandoned properties , call 574-4200 or Laura Grabowski at 574-7308. For online resources, go to  www.louisvilleky.gov/vacant .   

For matters pertaining to Housing , call 574-5850.

For loan payoffs or any other requests regarding a housing loan you have received , contact Justin Robinson at 502-574-2321 or  justin.robinson@louisvilleky.gov .

For matters pertaining to Advanced Planning & Sustainability , call Gretchen Milliken at 574-1358.

For any other matters pertaining to Develop Louisville , call Dave Marchal at 574-3216.

For matters pertaining to Construction Review , call 574-3321.

For matters pertaining to Licenses & Permits (ABC) , call 574-3591.

Public Works is still operating as normal and we should still be able to process encroachment permit applications.

For matters pertaining to the Department of Economic Development, small business and the Office of Globalization , call 574-4140.

Changes to Scheduled Meetings (from Land Development and Transportation Staff)


  • All public meetings have been cancelled through Sunday, April 5, 2020.

  • All cases already scheduled for a public meeting prior to April 5th will be continued to the next available docket after April 5th.
  • Meeting agendas will be posted stating the continuance, and will be sent through GovDelivery.
  • We are discussing if paper notices need/should be resent.
  • We are discussing if new Courier-Journal ads need/should be placed.

  • We are not sending notices for public meetings until further notice. There are NO EXCEPTIONS at this time.


  • If any of your cases are already scheduled for a neighborhood meeting, we are strongly encouraging them to be cancelled.

  • We are strongly discouraging neighborhood meetings from being during this time (now through April 5th).

  • Any neighborhood meeting held during this time (now through April 5th) may be required to hold another neighborhood meeting before we accept the formal application.

  • Scheduling neighborhood meetings to be held after April 5th are also strongly discouraged at this time.


  • Staff are avoiding meetings in the office when possible during this time (now through April 5th).

  • We are offering phone calls, conference calls, WebEx meetings, or other means of communication preferred by the customer.
Louisville Water:

"Our procedures are changing rapidly to comply with the President’s, Governor’s and Mayor’s directives. I encourage your members to check our website ( https://www.louisvillewater.com/newsroom ) for changes."
At this time, we have suspended in person non-essential meetings with external customers. We are rapidly rolling out the use of Microsoft Teams (audio and video) for our employees to use for meetings. We ask your members to continue to work with their assigned Louisville Water project manager for details/questions related to their projects. We are requiring that new service applications all be mailed to Louisville Water. We do not anticipate significant delays processing new service applications. 
Shelby County :

The Triple S Planning Commission office is open, but requests everyone use email and telephone communications for general questions, etc. If permits are required Triple S requests all documents be emailed along with a copy of the check so they can process the permit. Once Triple S has processed the permit they will email the builder the permit document that needs to be initialed, signed, and dated and then returned to Triple S. Once Triple S receives the document back you can bring the check to the Triple S office and pick up the permit or you can mail the check and Triple S will mail you the permit.

Triple S recommends you call to discuss the process prior to sending the documentation. To reach Triple S staff and to send documents please use the emails below:

In regards to reviewing subdivision plats, development plans or planned unit developments Triple S will continue to review and approve those plans that can be approved by staff. Those that have to be approved by the Planning Commission will be on hold until the Planning Commission is able to meet again.

Oldham County:

Currently, Oldham County Fiscal Court offices are open and operating while exercising social distancing recommendations and other preventative measures including but not limited to keeping doors open to avoid repeated hand contact, opening windows (if possible) to allow fresh flow, regular/frequent wiping of surfaces with disinfectant, communication via email rather than in-person if possible. Currently, Fiscal Court, Technical Review Committee and other regular meetings will be held as regularly/already scheduled. That is because for many of those meetings, unless there is an agenda or docket item of greater public interest, the court room is not very crowded.

To minimize "hand-to-hand" contact, applicants can find permit applications online. Applications can be scanned and emailed to Engineering and Planning and Development and payments can be made using a credit card over the phone. If someone does come in to the office, they will find a couple tables separating them from staff. Permit forms are available on this table. Of course, they currently recommend the email and pay-by-phone method. Inspections also continue to be conducted. 
We'd Like to Hear from You!

Please email me at juva@bialouisville.com and let me know how you are doing. How is your business doing? What are you doing to help your staff and customers navigate this time?
BIA Scheduled Events:

Jeptha Creed Member/Guest Mixer - Postponed
BICF Day of Service - Postponed
BIA Day at the Downs - Postponed
Tour of New Homes - Cancelled
BIA Education Classes:
All BIA Education Classes scheduled through May 1, 2020 are Postponed until further notice. Please continue to check our website for more information.
BIA Committee Meetings:

All BIA Committee Meetings are Cancelled for the week of March 16-20, 2020.

Helpful Video on COVID-19 Below:
Continue to check our BIA COVID-19 FAQ page on our website for a quick reference to some of your questions. We will continue to update this information:
If you aren't already, please make sure you are following our social media platforms below:
Staff Email Addresses:
As a reminder, our office will be closed from Monday, March 16th through at least Friday, March 20, 2020. We will continue to assess the situation and follow recommendations from the CDC, the Governor’s office, the Kentucky Department of Health, as well as the Mayor’s office and Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness.
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