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While we can't help you find toilet paper in sold out stores, we can help you manage cancellations related to the COVID-19 virus and efforts to contain it. We are a remote staff in New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and across the country who are in this with you and will be on the phones and at our computers ready to help.

We'll get through this together.
Help with COVID-19 Precaution Effects
Please call us with your specific needs, but in the mean time, here are a few areas we can help guide you in:
  • Cancelling activities to stop future registration
  • Setting up activities to collect registrations without payment for possible future events
  • Cancelling registrations for refunds individually or for credit in bulk
  • Removing dates from advanced activity registrations with credit returned
  • Pausing memberships for future reactivation and what this means for expiration dates
  • Updating autopay fees for memberships in bulk or activities individually to reduce customer burden
  • Cancelling or rescheduling reservations, returning deposits, and issuing refunds in full or part
  • Refunding purchased POS products for cancelled events or offering credit for future purchases
  • Using system alerts, home page messages, and account messages to relay information
  • Sending email blasts to targeted groups for better receipt or information pertinent to them
  • Working through your situation to find the best solutions for you

Global Disclaimer Update Coming Tuesday, 3/24/20
All management checkouts will soon feature new global disclaimer options, including the ability for your customers to sign their disclaimers digitally via touchscreen or mouse right in the office or do the same at home after you email the disclaimer to them. You can also mark disclaimer as printed or already on file. Please call us at 802-465-9732 if you have any questions about this release.
A Few More Updates...
  • Email blasts can be scheduled for future sending (and edited before send if need be)
  • Reminders are automatically emailed 3 days before set due dates on activities & reservations
  • If the system receives multiple bad responses from an email address, it will deactivate it
  • A permit will be automatically emailed when a reservation using "hide permit until paid" is paid
  • Email blasts can be sent to the purchasers of selected products
  • Blasts done 'by Activity' can be targeted to residents or non-residents

  • Processing of autopay items has been updated to call out of gateway responses proactively
  • Team score entry has been made even easier (can import schedule)
  • When checking out autopay items, you can choose not to send a receipt/invoice
  • Question answers for custom forms display in reports one time per registrant
  • Pricing options chosen can be viewed on attendance sheets
  • Promo code discounts can be limited to once per account or once per registrant
  • Custom disclaimers can be digitally signed or emailed for signature from management checkout
  • Activity view of custom forms can be filtered by specific form instead of viewing all at once

  • Only facilities that allow membership or product scanning can be selected when scanning a card
  • Scan notes can be added to memberships to display a message when scanning a card in
  • A report is available to see membership scan counts by membership type/length

  • Removed reservation dates appear as cancelled and do not delete
  • Account reservation view no longer shows permits for cancelled reservations
  • Default deposit values can be set on facilities for use in management side reservations

Point of Sale
  • Gift certificates can be redeemed from within the POS area of the facility portal
  • Ticket sections can have duplicate numbers by default

  • Temporary passwords can be generated for new members and have notes attached to their email
  • Calendar events load for the management calendar when an arrow is clicked forward or backward
  • The public department info main page and program list have customizable titles & intro text
  • Time zones other than Eastern can be set for your system financial report display
  • When emailing tax deductible items, department details such as Tax ID can be included

  • If you have as your gateway, you can access direct refunds (in most cases), credit card storage for future use, in-system batch reporting, and more
  • We have a Musco connection available to send your event schedule to ControlLink for lighting control
  • Registrants can place themselves on pre-created teams - this not only works for sports, but also bus seats, garden plots, etc.
  • Our Constant Contact partnership can give you a discount on email advantages like spam avoidance
  • Need receipt printers, card scanners, or other hardware? Visit our POS portal

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