COVID-19 Closure: East Falls and Fishtown
November 17, 2020
Dear customer,
As you likely already know, the City of Philadelphia has mandated yesterday that gyms must close for the remainder of the year. As such, starting this Friday, November 20th our East Falls and Fishtown locations will be closed through January 1st, 2021.

We are heartbroken that we must shut our doors in Philadelphia again, particularly because you have been so gracious in your support of the gyms during this crisis. You have worked so hard to follow the Covid guidelines set forth by the state, and it proved to be effective; Thanks to your efforts, we have seen no instances of Covid spreading within our facilities.

Even so, our commitment has always been and will continue to be what's in the best interest of our greater community, and as such we will be closing Friday.

So, dear member, we turn to you once again, hat in hand. We need your help.
We are humbly asking that you let your normal billing run through December. 

No action is needed on your part. You will be billed as normal, and your monthly payment goes a very long way to alleviate the devastating impact of closing a small business during the holiday season.

Every dollar we retain is an extraordinary gift, and helps to ensure that our staff has a job to return to. A very sincere and heartfelt thank you for your consideration.

And, as an additional thank you for membership payments made while we are closed, we are offering:
  • Extended time on the end of your contract that is equivalent to the amount of time that we are closed.
  • A $25 credit for each payment made while we're closed, that can be used toward any PRG service or product when we reopen.*

Those who elect to keep their memberships active and live outside of city limits, we will happily welcome you at any of our suburb locations during the closure at no extra cost. We recommend that residents of Philadelphia follow the city guidelines.
We'd be remiss, of course, if we didn't acknowledge that these closures may be impacting you financially as well. 

During this closure, if you need to suspend your membership payment, you may do so by filling out the form below. All advanced notice requirements and fees for suspensions are waived, and once our doors reopen, you will be able to restart your membership without delay.

Due to our current limitations as a result of the restrictions, we ask that you request your suspension only through the link below. We are unable to reliably process email requests at this time**.

I want to, once again, on behalf of myself and all of the PRG Staff, say how grateful we are for your patience, understanding, and support during this crisis. Thank you for sharing masked smiles, laughs, positive energy, and, of course, climbing with us over the last four months. A thousand times, thank you. It means more to us than you know. 

We continue to be humbled and inspired by you, and we cannot wait to see you again in 2021. Until then, have a very happy and safe holiday season.

To your continued good health,

David H Rowland
Philadelphia Rock Gyms

*Membership Payment Benefits: $25 Credits on account can be used toward any shop item or non-membership service at any PRG location and does not expire. Credits cannot be applied to membership.

**Regarding Cancellation Requests: Due to limited resources as a result of closure, we will be unable to process cancelations until the current restrictions are lifted. If you desire to cancel your membership, please claim your suspension via the form above, then submit your cancelation request to this email: Cancellations will be processed upon reopening, in the order they are received.
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