COVID-19 Communications & Updates
April 7, 2020
Message from President and CEO John Blair
COVID-19 Action Guide -
How to manage amid chaos, ambiguity, and fear

The COVID-19 crisis brings trying and uncertain times to every business, every government, every family and every individual. Our visibility into the future is murkier than ever, a veil of uncertainty obscuring what we used to see before us.

What do we do now?

The answer begins with a single, simple notion, as obvious as it is difficult: Calmness. Amid any storm or crisis, staying calm is the first step, followed closely by its analog: Patience. But once we have embraced calm, internalized patience, recognized the reality of the environment we are all in: then what? How best do we act to protect ourselves, prepare for the future, and perhaps even improve our positioning?

Delivering Online Meetings and Events
At a moment when organizations across the world are adjusting to remote work, we need new approaches to keep employees, customers and business partner connected and informed.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Microsoft 365 live events LinkedIn Live , and—coming soon— PowerPoint Live  are all designed to help you create engaging, effective virtual gatherings.