Medical Marijuana Control Program
COVID-19 Guidance
As we all work to contain the spread of COVID-19, we want to remind licensees of the importance of maintaining sterilization and sanitation standards in facilities. The Ohio Administrative Code requires MMCP licensees to implement practices in licensed facilities to maintain a safe and sterile environment.

  • Ohio Administrative Code 3796:2-2-01 Cultivator Operations and Quality Assurance Plan:
  • “A cultivator shall implement policies and procedures related to receiving, inspecting, transporting, segregating, preparing, packaging, and storing medical marijuana in accordance with adequate sanitation principles.” 
  • “Maintain a facility with adequate lighting, ventilation, temperature, sanitation, equipment and security for the safe and consistent cultivation of medical marijuana.”

  • Ohio Administrative Code 3796:3-2-01 Processors Operations and Quality Assurance Plan:
  • Employees “fully trained in the safe and sanitary execution of any applicable post-extraction refining protocols”
  • “Establish sanitary operating procedures for the facility to be maintained in a clean and orderly condition […]”
  • “Maintain a facility with adequate lighting, ventilation, temperature, sanitation, equipment, and security for the processing of medical marijuana”

Below we have identified some helpful resources for licensees to maintain elevated sanitation standards.

Please visit for additional guidance, including recommendations for employers . The MMCP will continue to work with licensees to ensure their standards protect employees and patients. Contact us with questions or concerns.