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An Important Message From Our Circle Partner
COVID-19 Comprehensive Response Solutions (CONUS & OCONUS)
Response, Recovery, Humanitarian & Technical Solutions
The OST-H&S-Pilot team is ready to support National Response and Recovery efforts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing expert personnel, technology, and mobile equipment, our rapid response capabilities include a wide range of services from benefits/grants/insurance claim processing to medical personnel, isolation facilities, and medical equipment for any surge requirements.
Dear Sir/Madam,
As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the world, we are here to help you provide  response, recovery, humanitarian, and technical solutions.  The OST team has deep experience in serving you during these unprecedented times. Our team has supported state and local governments, FEMA, and the Department of Defense for over 20 years. We are currently staged in 12 sites across the country and  can rapidly deploy thousands of personnel and equipment to help you defeat COVID-19.

We offer:

  • Medical equipment and supplies, such as masks and protective clothing, in quantities ranging from the 1,000s to over 5 million for some products.

  • Test centers and mobile hospitals, both temporary and retrofitted. These range from 100-beds to 1,000-beds hospitals, with labs, isolation wards, etc. A 200-bed hospital can be operational in 5 - 10 days.

  • Contingent workforce, available within 3 - 5 days – administrative, medical, technologists, and logisticians.

  • Crisis and disaster management support personnel – we currently handle some of the largest contingent workforces in the country.

  • Support for claims eligibility determination, payment processing, and reconciliation services. We currently support a large-scale insurance program with $1.1 trillion in policies.

  • Smart health solutions – several devices to enable identification of individuals with fever in a crowd or on an individual basis. Continuous monitoring of potentially infected patients to automatically capture temperature data and alert when predefined ranges are breached.

OST, along with our top tier partners – H&S Commercial & Industrial Supplies & Services, LLC (H&S), and Pilot Catastrophe, bring you a single team approach that can address your broad needs with turnkey services.  This team is guided by Dr. Regina Benjamin (18th Surgeon General of the U.S.) and Col. (R) Douglas Rose Jr. (Director, Military Support, NORAD and USNORTHCOM, FEMA) and is focused on the mission to defeat COVID-19.
We all recognize that decision timelines are short, so be assured our team is available immediately to speak with you, or other members of your team, about the specific critical needs of your organization. In addition, we are a contractor under the GSA Professional Service Schedule that will expedite and help simplify your contract process.
You can reach me at  covid19@ostglobal.com  or 1-866-607-6405. For more details about our comprehensive services, please visit our website:  www.ostglobal.com/covid-19 .
OST COVID-19 Task Force

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