As the number of reported cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, so do the questions.
  • How can we keep ourselves and our family healthy?
  • How do we protect our employees and clients?
  • How will this affect business operations?
  • How will businesses deal with any reduction in activity or revenue loss?
  • How will insurance policies respond to workers or customers who allege the virus was contracted through business?
  • Will insurance policies assist in the cost of disinfecting business property or compensate for the loss of revenue?
Although there remains a great amount of uncertainty, what is becoming clear is that no business is immune from the potential impact of this virus. COVID-19 warrants the attention of leadership teams to gain an understanding of the potential risk, take mitigating actions, and develop a plan to implement if needed.
Our agency is working diligently to take necessary precautions for our employees and assure minimal interruption to our operations so we are here when you need us.

The following are additional considerations and resources complied to help your business.