COVID-19 Coronavirus Impact on the Hospitality Industry
The spread of the coronavirus is dominating headlines around the world. Recently, California declared a state of emergency just as a cruise ship returning to the state from Hawaii was being held off the coast of San Francisco because of reported passengers displaying COVID-19 virus symptoms.  Across the country, many consumers are playing it safe and staying home, while there are still others that are continuing normal day-to-day operations. 

Michael J. Butler, one of the vacation ownership industry's pioneering, cutting-edge marketers over the last 30 years, recently passed away in Kissimmee, FL.  Butler was 76-years-old.  "Michael was one of the most professional, honest and innovative people in our industry, not to mention loved by all who had the benefit of knowing him," said former Interval International President David Gilbert.  "The industry has lost a man of true integrity."

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