March 20, 2020 - League of Wisconsin Municipalities - COVID-19 Update #6
COVID-19 Coronavirus Update
This is an All America Effort that is
"Locally Executed, State Managed & Federally Supported."
The White House COVID-19 Task Force
League COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable Conference Call
This call is for City/Village Officials, including mgrs./adm.
& Staff Only

TODAY - Friday March 20, 2020 - 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Call: 1-855-947-8255
Passcode: 5574 824#

Please connect by landline if possible, DO NOT PUT US ON HOLD and, if you can and are not speaking, mute your phone to minimize background noise.

If you aren't able to connect or have a question after participating, please contact Jerry Deschane at email.

We will schedule additional calls as needed. Notice will be provided on the League's website and in these Special Edition newsletters, which will also be sent as needed.
Letter on Elections to Governor Evers
Sent by email to all Chief Executives this morning

Good morning, local leaders,

At the request of a group of your peers, the League is presenting this letter for your consideration. Please review the letter and let us know by 4:00 today (March 20) whether you agree to add your name and title to the letter (“signatures” are not needed). We will assemble all names and submit the letter to the Governor tomorrow. We will also release the list of names and the letter to the media.

This letter is an urgent call upon Governor Evers to respond to multiple requests for election relief. The League, in close cooperation with the Wisconsin Counties and Towns Associations, have submitted several of your suggestions to the Governor for emergency action, but state leaders have acted on few of them. 

It is important to note that this is NOT A REQUEST TO DELAY THE ELECTION. We know that many of you have strong feelings on that topic; some are passionately in favor of a delay while others oppose a delay. The League does not have a policy position on that question. This letter is a request to act on a number of important but more measured steps (waiving requirement of signing the poll book, waiving residency requirements for poll workers, et al). Most of all, it is a plea to understand the grave challenge the Covid-19 pandemic poses to the democratic process in Wisconsin.

The letter is broadly-written, but nonetheless, if you disagree with its contents, I encourage you to communicate separately to the Governor. 

Jerry Deschane
Executive Director

If you would like to sign on to the letter, please send an email with your name, title and municipality to the general League email .
Coordinating with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Updated additional guidance from FEMA here .
Includes "What Local Governments Should Do."

Note: FEMA recommends that local governments follow the guidelines for Procurement Under Grants Conducted Under Exigent or Emergency Circumstances .”

The National League of Cities CitiesSpeak blog on seeking FEMA assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions

Summary of the recently enacted Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act

HR 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response  SUMMARY  

HR 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response  Paid Sick Leave  
Frequently Asked Questions
From past COVID-19 Newsletters

March 19, 2020

Wisconsin Elections Commission’s Latest Actions Regarding Spring Election Preparedness
Answer: See the League's website here .

Effect of DHS’ Order #5 on Municipalities
(Prohibitions on gatherings of 10 or more people)
Answer: See the League's website here.

Can Restaurants Providing Meals for Carry-out and Delivery Sell Alcohol?
Answer: See the League's website here .

Municipal Emergency Powers During COVID-19
Answer: See the League's website here .

Complying with the open meetings law during the COVID-19 health emergency.  
Answer: See the League's website here . Includes Wis. Dept. of Justice guidance we received March 16, 2020.

Spending to address COVID-19 and the Expenditure Restraint Program .
Answer: See the League's website here. Includes guidance we received from the Wis. Dept. of Revenue on March 13, 2020.

If you don't find what you need or if you have resources to contribute,
please email Jerry Deschane.
Are we taking this seriously?
Jerry Deschane's Local Perspective Blog
On a scale of 1-10, how seriously are we taking the Covid-19 Pandemic? On Wednesday, a city administrator told me he went to pick up a to-go order at a local bar/restaurant the night before and found the bar open, with a crowd of folks lined up elbow to elbow. Meanwhile, three Wisconsin counties are reporting “community spread” cases of the illness. Community spread means so many people have the virus in one area that it is now spreading from people within the county; it was not brought in from Italy, China, or a cruise ship. No counties had community spread two days ago; there are three counties today. How many will there be in a week? Are we taking this seriously enough? Read the full blog...
CDC Interim Guidance for
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Guidance as of 3/15/2020

Large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19 in the United States via travelers who attend these events and introduce the virus to new communities. Examples of large events and mass gatherings include conferences, festivals, parades, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and other types of assemblies. These events can be planned not only by organizations and communities but also by individuals.

Recommendations for  schools, institutes of higher learning, or businesses  are available.
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The US faces 'severe blood shortage' as coronavirus outbreak cancels blood drives and regular donations. Read the USA Today story here...

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State issues emergency guidance on remote notarization
Read the article here...
Also posted to our COVID-19 Resource page under Legal Documents & Information/General
COVID-19 is a virus that has not previously infected humans and information about its rate of spread and its effects is still largely unknown, which makes it incredibly important to be highly cautious in dealing with the current situation. 

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services will continue to provide the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19. You are encouraged to monitor the site for updated guidance as the situation continues to evolve.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Coronavirus web resource page is a good place to look for more information.

Want to share relevant and credible information to your Social Media?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Facebook & on Twitter (Scroll down to see more recent posts.)

The Wisconsin Dept of Health Services (DHS) on Facebook & on Twitter.
Stay well!

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As we say on the League's COVID-19 webpage "We know that you feel the responsibility is on your shoulders to inform and protect your community. You are an important part of that community, so please also take care of yourselves and your families!"

CDC Guidance on Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in Homes and Residential Communities. This guidance for people who are known to have the virus, but since it is our understanding that people can have it and be asymptomatic, it seems like good guidance for all.