COVID-19 Effects in Haiti
"We are aware of all the problems in the world.  
We will continue to pray for you. One for the other." 
"How are you all doing?
We hear that things are not good in the U.S.
Please stay safe."
These were the words from our growers in Haiti. As our situation in the U.S. grew worse, word reached them and they were concerned for us, and for you, their consumers! 
They reached out to us. And now we have an opportunity to reach out to them. 
As the world deals with the fallout from COVID-19, the reports we are getting from Haiti are frightening. Our growers are reporting that they are expecting Haiti to confront its worst food crisis in history. 
The World Food Program reports that currently 35% of Haitian households are facing severe levels of food insecurity, and they expect that number to rise to 65% with the COVID-19 economic contraction. 
Famine is a real possibility.
As our own country reels from economic contraction, our own coffee business has diminished by about 75%.  
The 300+ families in Haiti we work with rely on this income. Our online business is functioning as before. We are grateful for your business! We are grateful for your partnership in accompanying the Haitians. 
Stay safe, drink coffee, grow justice!
The Just Haiti Team
Please purchase their coffee for your family and friends! 
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