Virtual Care

Virtual care is an important way for family physicians to continue to care for their patients while ensuring the safety of the patient, providers, and staff. Virtual services reduce the risk of disease spread by keeping people in their homes and out of family practices.

Providers should use their professional judgment to determine whether an in-person appointment or telemedicine appointment is appropriate in each case. Patients should be provided the opportunity for in-person care whenever it is needed.

Consider virtual care in the following situations:
  • Triaging patients prior to an office encounter, to avoid unnecessary trips to the office;
  • Managing acute illnesses that may not require a physical exam (remembering that they can always be asked to come in for an exam, if it is deemed necessary);
  • Managing patients with chronic disease.

Regardless of the method by which care is delivered, all conversations should be appropriately documented in the patient chart.

Note that for telephone visits, in order to bill the new 03.03X fee, you must include the time of the phone call.