UWNA COVID-19 Funds Awarded to Flagstaff Shelter Services, Salvation Army
During this pandemic, we have been advised to stay at home to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But what does that mean for people who are homeless or worry that they could lose their shelter during this uncertain time.

The United Way of Northern Arizona (UWNA) recently awarded a total of $45,000 to Flagstaff Shelter Services and The Salvation Army , front line local responders dealing with the issue of providing shelter or keeping people in their homes.

"We have already seen demand for our life-saving services spike, and we anticipate it will only continue as our vulnerable neighbors have nowhere else to go," said Ross Altenbaugh, executive director of the shelter.

The $30,000 grant provided by the COVID-19 Fund will allow them to meet increased demand and also appropriately staff the shelter to ensure the safety of staff and guests as well as prepare for the possible need to quarantine or isolate the population they serve.
Meanwhile, The Salvation Army is assisting people worried that the economic shutdown might endanger their ability to stay in the homes they have.

The award of $15,000 from the COVID-19 Fund will help with those needing rental assistance. While evictions have been temporarily halted in response to the pandemic, it is likely back rent will be due after the crisis has passed.

The Salvation Army estimates the funds will help up to 37 families, and ensure that they don't fall behind on rent, wind up with a mountain of debt to repay or fall into homelessness.
UWNA established its COVID-19 Fund to benefit organizations providing basic needs to those disproportionately impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost $115,000 has already been distributed to local groups providing food, shelter, rental assistance, medical supplies and more.

UWNA's extensive experience and knowledgeable community investment volunteers makes it possible for us to process grants quickly to help the groups that need them the most, all while streamlining the process for these organizations.

We understand how that in these uncertain times, many cannot be as generous as they would like to be. If you can afford to donate, however, please consider a gift to the COVID-19 Fund to help us help others during this immediate crisis and the recovery to come.
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