As we all know, COVID-19 case numbers are rising rapidly across the country.  This is also true in our own school community, especially among parents.  The good news is that we have a safe and trusting environment, and people are comfortable communicating with us and quarantining to keep the broader community safe and healthy.  Please know that we appreciate everyone's transparency and partnership.
Before the holiday, we wanted to share a few reminders:  
  • Our protocols keep people safe on and off campus, so we hope you will consider masking and physical distancing while away from school too. Please also remember to wash masks on a regular basis to keep them clean. 
  • Governor Kemp reimposes COVID-19 restrictions across the Peach State.  We cannot forget that this is a public health emergency.
  • Masks will be mandatory for upcoming events, including the Holiday Market on Thursday, November 19, and the upcoming football playoff game on Friday, November 27. 
  • If a family member is awaiting COVID-19 test results, everyone in the household must quarantine until a negative test has come back. If the result is positive, then we must follow quarantine protocols.  Quarantine means staying home and away from others.
  • Please encourage children to mask and make good decisions while participating in extracurricular activities.  This includes premier and feeder league basketball teams. We help orchestrate these leagues, but these are not school-run programs.  Anything that can be done to mitigate exposure and transmission, should be done.
  • Please remember: we are asking families who will be flying or going to a hotspot to return home at least 48 hours before a return to school. If any symptoms are present, then please be conservative and stay home until healthy.
  • If you are travelling over the holiday or looking at a potential trip over the winter holidays, this risk assessment tool may be of interest.
  • We are concerned about college-age students returning home and the potential transmission risks associated with various gatherings. Please be safe.
Please know that we do not relish our role in being firm with our protocols, but we take the safety and well-being of our community seriously, and we want to do all we can to keep our children and families healthy. Thank you for your continued support, and we wish everyone a positive week ahead.  Your partnership and good decisions have allowed us to limit the number of quarantines in our community and we are grateful for this.
If any COVID issues arise over the holiday, please contact your respective Division Director by email.  They may not reply immediately, but ongoing communication is a big plus as we continue to focus our energy on operating a safe campus for everyone.
Be well and thank you,

John Thorsen
Head of School
1281 Spartan Lane / Athens, Georgia 30606 / 706.549.9225