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COVID-19 House of Worship Reopening Requirements & Guidelines
Highly contagious infectious diseases like COVID-19 have the potential to re-emerge and produce second and possibly even third waves of disease. New York may have to re-enter phases already passed if infection rates increase again in order to reduce the spread of the virus in the population.

This series of House of Worship Reopening Requirements and Guidelines was created to guide congregation leaders through the New York State Governor’s Executive Orders, including practical tips and resource links to help comply with the requirements during each unique phase.

The Mandatory sections include all New York State required steps for houses of worship to complete during each phase. NYDIS' Recommended sections offer practical steps and resource links to support compliance with the mandatory Executive Orders. 
Health Protective Practices During ALL Phases of Reopening:
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NYC HOWalert (NYC House of Worship Alert) system
HOWalert is a FREE emergency notification system for NYC clergy/religious leaders and communications "decision makers" from NYC congregations, religious bodies/networks and nonprofits. It will notify subscribers about life-threatening incidents or other hazards that may affect faith sector facilities. It also notifies subscribers with information that should be urgently shared with their congregants, clients, or staff. Communication can be two-way – by sending messages with live links to surveys that collect emerging needs or allowing religious leaders to request help during an unfolding public health emergency or disaster.