As an immediate response to the economic impact of COVID-19, we announced Friday, March 13, 2020 that all rent-related evictions and late fees will temporarily be suspended for the over 400 seniors, families, and individuals who rent our housing units in mid-Michigan. Residents of our properties were notified late last week of these changes. We also let our residents know that additional sanitary measures will be implemented for all common areas.  
In any major crisis, housing can become one of the most immediate issues that affect people. We are taking immediate steps to ensure members of the CAHP family, our neighbors, and vulnerable populations at risk are able to focus on their health and safety.

Additionally, we encourage tenants, landlords, homeowners and mortgage companies citywide to begin conversations with one another regarding upcoming household bills such as mortgage payments, rent, utilities, taxes and insurance. Landlords and mortgage holders are urged to implement changes that stop eviction notices and late fees on missed payments for those affected by COVID-19.