Important COVID-19 Update

T o Our Valued Customers & Partners:

We are reaching out to give you an update regarding RGA’s actions associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Last night, King County Public Health officials published guidance that people in our community move to a remote work strategy if possible. RGA is following that guidance by encouraging all staff to work remotely until the County indicates this is no longer necessary. 

We want you to know that all of our staff are equipped to work remotely via encrypted laptops and advanced telephony systems. We have a strong culture of telework and workplace flexibility that makes these adjustments seamless for our staff. As a result, when we’ve had the entire company working remotely at various points in the past during inclement weather, we have not had any impact on our service to you or your members. We are confident that we can & will continue to provide the high level of service and support that you and your teams need and want from RGA through this outbreak.

We stand ready to support members:

We know there is a high level of concern about COVID-19 in our communities. We have prepared for this and are ready to support members.
  • We have provided all of our team members tools and information to assist members with questions about what to do if they have been exposed to COVID-19 or are experiencing fever or symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath, etc.).

  • We have ensured that the diagnosis codes for COVID-19 are setup in our system. Our claims system and claims teams are prepared to support claims submitted with coding referencing COVID-19. Claims will process the same as they would for the treatment of any other respiratory condition. Please note that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just created additional codes for diagnostic testing of COVID-19. Our team has added these. We will continue watching for additional codes and add them to our systems as needed.

We stand ready to support you:

We know that many of you are the point person for COVID-19 response at your business. Our team is here for you. If we can extend support to help shoulder the burden, we’re ready and willing to do so.
  • Our Account Management team is available to assist you with all of your service needs. Now more than ever, feel free to send questions to them. We’ve also created an additional layer of support – the Employer Support team - to aid our Account Team in addressing your questions. You are welcome to call or email the Employer Support team with inquiries directly if you like to do so. They can be reached at or 866.832.7786.

  • If you would like to make changes to your plan and need to make updates to your Summary Plan Description (SPD), our Account Management and Compliance teams can assist you in creating an SPD amendment and making applicable updates to plan-programming in our systems. This includes adjustments associated with leaves and absences as well as any changes to member cost-sharing. Several states are mandating that fully insured plans cover COVID-19 testing fully with no member cost-sharing. While self-funded plans are generally not subject to these rules, they can choose to follow them. If you’d like to adjust your plan, please contact your Account Manager so we can get those changes in motion.

  • Some customers have already reached out to us to add telehealth to their benefits so members can access healthcare services without visiting a brick and mortar location. If you would like to add an option for telemedicine via community providers, we can make that change to your plan design immediately. If you would like to add telehealth service via our MDLIVE telehealth product, we can also make that change, however, it will likely take 15-30 days for MDLIVE to be set up.

  • If you need fliers or material to educate your staff about COVID-19, we encourage you to utilize the excellent materials published by the CDC. You can find these resources on the section of the CDC’s website dedicated to COVID-19 and workplaces, located here. We have used this site for guidance and material to educate our staff and have found it to be helpful.

  • Our Analytics team is ready to provide reporting on COVID-19 claims for your health plan if and when you’d like to see this information.

You can expect RGA to provide additional updates on this evolving situation at least weekly until resolution. If you have any questions about RGA’s response, actions or service, please feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or directly to me. I can be reached at 425.289.5223 or .

Thank you,
Lindsay Harris
Chief Growth Officer

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