Office of the President

March 22, 2020

To the William Paterson Community:

I am writing to notify you that public health officials have completed their investigation of the COVID-19 case that caused our recent closure. Impacted areas have been cleaned and sanitized according to regulations. Individuals who were determined to be at risk of exposure were contacted by public health officials. If you were not contacted, you were not determined to be at risk. 

Additionally, pursuant to Executive Order Number 104 (2020), all libraries and computer labs have been ordered closed by the Governor. The Dean of Library Services will be in contact with the Librarians and professional staff about remote work going forward. 

Students, we know that you count on the services of the Cheng Library. Those will be continuing virtually. You will receive a message later today from the Provost’s Office on how Library Staff stand ready to help you at a distance. We also know that some of you utilize campus computers. Unfortunately, we are now also required to close our computer labs. The Provost’s Office will also be sharing information to guide you in circumstances where you confront challenges with Internet service and/or access to computing tools.

Richard J. Helldobler, PhD
Office of the President | 973.720.2222 | [email protected]