COVID-19 and Fires Local Update
August 26, 2020
#MontereyStrong "Thank you" 100th Edition
Tenacity - Determination - Persistence - Perseverance - whatever you want to call it, that's been us. Every one of us has shown these traits. All of us together, helping one another. We asked for help and we all gave help. We helped our friends, we helped our neighbors, we helped our co-workers, we helped strangers. We helped each other at a time in our history when we surely needed it most. We showed strength, patience, and kindness. During the pandemic and during the fires. We are still enduring struggles. Support is still available, and there are so many to thank. That's why we are calling this 100th COVID-19 Email Update the #MontereyStrong "Thank you" Edition. This email is to help distribute public health and safety messages and we hope it has helped during this trying time. Thank you for staying subscribed to this evening email update.

A short look back
The good news: our first city message regarding the pandemic was sent on March 9 - City of Monterey Successfully Requests Cancellation of Cruise Ship Visits - that was 174 days ago! Why is that good news? Because we are that much further along in this pandemic and closer to reaching the end!

The not as good news: We still have to finish this chapter and get past the the shelter in place restrictions and back to a non-pandemic environment. But we've come this far, and we will do it. We are #MontereyStrong and #StrongerTogether
A very heartfelt thank you to the entire Monterey region! We came together with vigor and strength and energy. We got to work using determination and what we know. We shared our knowledge and information to help each other together. There are too many thank you's to list individually, but we all know who to thank. (On this #NationalDogDay we can't forget to thank our loving and loyal pets who have helped us through as well.) So next time you are out with your masks on, give a quick, socially distanced shout out of thanks to someone who passes by. Because getting through this together is the only way. Thanks for staying kind, supportive, strong, and continuing to follow all the COVID-19 health protocols.
The current weather pattern has been very helpful, and the firefighters continue making good progress with containment. Here are stats as of this evening:
Here are stats as of this morning:
Resources for Returning to Evacuated Areas and Recovery Efforts
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From Flattening the Curve to Slowing the Spread and back to Flattening the Curve - Let's do it!
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