COVID-19 Local Update - in Brief
April 9, 2020
Thanks to everyone who tuned in for this morning's
Mornings with the Manager.
If you missed it, you can watch here:
A free mask distribution is taking place this Saturday, April 11 from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. at Monte Vista Elementary School.

Many thanks to the Stevenson Parents for providing and distributing the masks throughout the community, and thank you to MPUSD for hosting the distribution! Mrs. Bauer, a parent leader of the Anti COVID-19 Team from Stevenson School, explains:

"Many of the Chinese students who attend Stevenson School live in China. I write as one of several who live locally. In consultation with local public health authorities, all of Stevenson's Chinese parents have initiated a plan to support Monterey County during the pandemic as a way to express our gratitude to the community that has always welcomed and cared for our children."

"Beginning this past Tuesday, we began distributing more than 43,000 masks -- including face masks, surgical masks, and N95/KN95s -- to the Monterey Department of Health, Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula, the Seaside Family Health Center, the Monterey Emergency Operations Center, the police departments, post offices, Meals on Wheels, and to other essential service providers and our public."
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