COVID-19 Local Update - in Brief
March 19, 2020
One thing has already become very apparent for us here at the City - our close community is coming together very quickly to help our residents get through this pandemic.

The connections between elected officials, city, county, state, non-governmental organizations, non-profits, leaders in business in all sectors, and residents, are working to help with the situation RIGHT NOW and AFTER it is over.

Just like the hospitals who continually train, the City of Monterey and other public agencies have Emergency Operations Plans in place that include regular training to prepare for any potential emergency. The City's Emergency Operations Center is currently open, and will remain open (virtually due to the order) for as long as the situation warrants. Police and Fire departments are in full operation.

Did you know every City employee is a disaster service worker? And our CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is in place to help as well. The County's Shelter in Place order does not affect essential government services — services to protect the health, safety and welfare of communities. Read the latest CERT newsletter -

During the County Shelter in Place order we are working to bring you resources intended to reduce the feeling of isolation, help keep your mind at ease, and your body moving. There's a new paradigm that's already beginning. Rather than "social" distancing, people are starting to call it "physical" distancing. We can still stay social.

  • Groceries - we all need them. Now those people in the more-vulnerable category can shop at specific hours to give you more confidence of keeping a distance. (This list will continue to be updated as needed.) Please be respectful of those hours.
  • Monterey Sports Center Virtual Exercise Classes - now offering custom exercise classes online on Facebook! Participate from home!
We hope our City email messages help you stay informed with local news, and provide support through this unique time. Tomorrow we will bring you resources for employers and employees.

Thank you for all you are doing to comply with the County Shelter in Place order. Together we will get through this.