COVID-19 Local Update - in Brief
May 4, 2020
Monterey had a good weekend. People complied with social distancing requirements; they did not have beach umbrellas, picnics, beach parties, or play ball activities. Thank you, Monterey, for following the partial beach closures. Recent overcrowding of beaches in Los Angeles and Orange counties resulted in full closures. Keeping the beaches limited to approved activities helps keep our beaches open!
This week in the Virtual Recreation Center - Share your Blooms!
The Monterey Public Library presents...In this Together: Community Voices
This project sets out to document our community’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic through writing and art. Become part of this historical record by submitting an entry. Submissions can be poetry, fiction, non-fiction, memoir, reflections, photographs or artwork; all forms of expression document how we cope, survive, and live as our lives have changed. Submissions will document our experiences and become a historical record that we will be able to look back on. Help us record this time through your personal lens.