COVID-19 Local Update - in Brief
May 21, 2020
Photo postcard - even as businesses start to reopen and the economic gears of recovery start spinning, the message on the iconic Golden State Theatre marquee is still very important. Let's remember to keep flattening the curve by washing hands, keeping a distance from others, and wearing a mask when out in public.
We posted some really nice photos of all the Measure S work happening to Alvarado Street. See them at Photo credit: Steve Souza
NEW VIDEO from the Virtual Recreation Center -
That's Good! Uncooked Oatmeal Cookies Demo
Thanks Monterey Recreation for this new video! Every Thursday, a new cooking demos for kids - buffalo wings, salsa, cookies and more. Fun for the whole family! See all the videos in the Virtual Recreation Center
Wildland Fire Safety Inspections begin June 1, 2020 on homes and vacant lots in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Sand City
The Monterey Fire Department will begin conducting fire safety inspections on June 1, 2020, for all homes in areas at risk for a wildland fire within the cities of Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and Sand City. This inspection is done on an annual basis to help minimize the spread and growth of a wildland fire and reduce the potential loss of homes in such an event. This year, there's an informative defensible space quiz you can take to see is if your property is ready for the 2020 fire season.
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This is not over yet.