COVID-19 Local Update - in Brief
June 17, 2020
Monterey harbor seals don't always understand the concept of social distancing. But back in the 90s it wasn't necessary. Photo taken in the mid 1990s at Lover's Point in Pacific Grove. Harbor seal pup swims playfully up to a scuba diver.
Explaining the Monterey County Health Officer's Order on Face Coverings
We wanted to clarify, face coverings are required in public places, not just recommended. Please read the County Health Order on Face Coverings to learn more.
Your actions save lives. This includes wearing a mask when in public. Together we can help keep our community healthy. The link below breaks down the local data in several ways and is very informative. This link is now provided at the bottom of every email under Important Links. (Data table may take a moment to load in the web browser.)
Congratulations Cannery Row businesses! The World Travel and Tourism Council recognizes, Cannery Row, Sardine Factory, and the Inns of Monterey for implementing council’s protocols. Learn more about this rating at
What Library services are most important to you? What days and times should the Library be open? How is COVID19 impacting you?
From Flattening the Curve to Slowing the Spread