COVID-19 Local Update
July , 2020
While humans need to social distance because of the coronavirus, sea lions need us to social distance from them for their health, too. Monterey Bay has seen an increase in sea lions suffering from domoic acid poisoning, which sometimes leads them to be found on beaches. Please don’t try to help them, and harassing marine mammals is illegal. This poisoning can cause lethargy, disorientation, seizures and death, so please call @themarinemammalcenter 24-hour rescue hotline at 415-289-SEAL if you see one stranded or in distress. Thank you! Photo credit @can_i_eatthis (Bryan Jay)
EMERGENCY FACE COVERING ORDER AND BEACH CLOSURES OVER 4th OF JULY WEEKEND - City Mandating New Rules to Curb the Spread of COVID-19 - See the news release and the two orders at the links below.
  • News Release posted today
  • Emergency Order on Face Coverings - this link includes the latest State Guidance for Use of Face Coverings - CLARIFICATION: The face mask guidance issued by the State of California applies throughout the City of Monterey and an administrative citation can be issued for failure to comply with that guidance. Enforcement is focusing mostly in business districts and crowded areas where the exemption in the State law of maintaining a six foot minimum distance from others is more difficult to follow. The face covering order remains in effect until further notice.
  • Emergency Order on Beach Closures for July 4 - 5

Message from Mayor Clyde Roberson: "Every one of us has to celebrate with care this Fourth of July. These weekend restrictions may not be popular, but they are imperative to save lives and reduce the spread of Covid-19 in our community.”

TOMORROW, THURSDAY! Bring your coffee, questions and concerns to a virtual meeting with Monterey City Manager Hans Uslar ☕️ MONTEREY MORNINGS WITH THE MANAGER on Thursday, June 18 at 9AM will provide an update on #COVID19 in Monterey, and a discussion on the programs, policies and projects currently affecting our community. Watch LIVE at Can't make it? The program will be archived on our YouTube Channel following the event and you can submit your questions in advance to
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From Flattening the Curve to Slowing the Spread
#MasksUp including over noses