COVID-19 Local Update
July 14, 2020
World Orca Day, July 14
Happy World Orca Day! Monterey is one of the few places on the California coast where you can see orcas in the wild on a whale watching trip. They are highly social, hunt in packs and are the world’s largest dolphin species, weighing up to six tons and 23-32 feet in length. It’s an absolute thrill to see them here in Monterey.
📸 Photo credit: @slatermoorephotography via Instagram
July is Park and Recreation Month - Parks Make Life Better!
Let's use our parks and recreation areas to help us get through this pandemic, and please stay kind to others.
Every day, in communities across the country, the people of parks and recreation are providing essential services and making their communities better places to live, work and play. Especially during the pandemic!

Monterey has some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in the world. There are more than 37 parks and over 700 acres of parks, beach and open space that our Parks Division maintains!

This week show Monterey Recreation what you love about Monterey's outdoor spaces. Go outdoors, enjoy nature and some fresh air while staying safe and take a photo while you do it - like the photo above. Share a photo with your favorite park in Monterey for a chance to win a prize from Monterey Recreation. Don’t forget to tag them and #showushowyouplayMonterey
Monterey Jazz Festival Presents Virtual 2020 Festival
The Monterey Jazz Festival announced today that it will present a virtual version of its 63rd festival, September 25-27, 2020. Musical content from the Festival’s archives will be featured over three days, including legendary contemporary and historic performances. The Virtual Festival’s content will be streamed online each day beginning at 5PM Pacific Time on the Monterey Jazz Festival’s YouTube channel. Featured artists and performances will be announced beginning July 21, 2020.
If we focus on what we can control it will help us get through
See the City of Monterey Services Dashboard for a full list of open and closed facilities and services.
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