COVID-19 Local Update
August 6, 2020
Throwback Thursday - Wildlife and historic buildings in Monterey’s Old Town neighborhood
Mayo Hayes O'Donnell Library, 155 Van Buren Street - a non circulating research library providing an extensive collection of books, photographs, scrap books, and other historical artifacts pertaining to Monterey, Monterey County, and surrounding counties. For more information visit
Today is Census 2020 Get Out the Count Day
Today is GET OUT THE COUNT DAY in California! Fill out the brief survey at to ensure federal funding and representation for our community. It takes less than ten minutes and your answers are confidential. We have until September 30 to get a complete count. Monterey is currently at 69% response, which is higher than the state and national average. Good job! But we need to get to 100%! Be advised that census takers will start visiting homes next week that haven't yet responded to the #2020Census. #BeCounted, #Monterey!
Monterey's Virtual Recreation Center's New Thursday Video:
How to Make Crunchy French Toast
Wearing is Caring!
Thank you to the CA Department of Health Care Services for this "wearing is caring" message. Their vision: to preserve & improve the physical & mental health of all Californians. Together we can all do our part to #SlowTheSpread of #COVID19. Learn more at
Important Links and Daily Numbers
Note: Due to an issue with the statewide surveillance system, some electronic laboratory reports resulted during the last few weeks may not have been received and processed by the Monterey County Health Department. Therefore, the data below likely represent an under-count of local cases. Local data will continue to be published while the issue is being addressed by the California Department of Public Health. However, data should be interpreted with caution.
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From Flattening the Curve to Slowing the Spread and back to Flattening the Curve - Let's do it!
#MasksUp including over noses