Dear Dorshei Emet Family,

Dorshei Emet has put in place a variety of public health measures since March 2020. We are now moving out of the Sixth Wave and transitioning from a period of strict government regulation of these measures to a period of individual responsibility for managing personal risk. The Board, in consultation with health professionals, has carefully considered how to balance: i) our desire to resume in-person community life with the benefits of remote participation; and ii) our desire to protect our members with the recognition that members should have freedom to choose for themselves.

Starting May 24, 2022, there will be changes to our current pandemic policies. As the public health situation evolves, and as we ease into more in-person life, we will make adjustments as necessary.

Vaccination Passport: Vaccination will not be mandatory for coming to the synagogue in-person. This is no longer a legal requirement and adequate levels of vaccination exist within the general society. This will also free up our security and volunteer personnel to focus on their main roles. Registration for all services and events will still be required, for our planning purposes.

Masks: Masks will continue to be required while in common areas of the synagogue and when seated in large gatherings such as services, kiddushes, group settings etc.. except while eating and drinking. When in smaller groups (e.g. Book Club, Board meeting etc..), ALL members of the group may agree together to an alternative.

Other Measures: Out of respect for fellow members and guests, we remind you to maintain basic public hygienic measures, including staying home if you have any symptoms of illness, hand sanitizing, coughing into your elbow etc.. Distancing between households is encouraged unless members willingly choose to sit next to each other.

In line with our Code of Ethics and Jewish values, we ask for the utmost respect for each individual’s level of comfort. Some cannot wait to hug; others do not even want their arm touched in passing. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable with their personal choices.


As a reminder, in order to transition from some changes made to services when they were being held only online, the Minhag Committee made recommendations for our current hybrid services model.

Our monthly schedule will follow this pattern (see flyer below for details):

1st Shabbat: “Traditional Service” with Haftarah and three aliyot (first three readings)
2nd Shabbat: “Shabbat Unplugged” with three aliyot (first three readings)
3rd Shabbat:  Regular service with full triennial cycle reading divided into three aliyot
4th Shabbat:  Regular service with three aliyot (first three readings)
5th Shabbat, when applicable: Regular service with three aliyot (first three readings)

As we make our way into the next stage of our communal journey through this pandemic, we hope that we will all be able to hold on to the lessons we have learned and stay strong moving forward. We will continue to do all that we can to support each other and ensure that we keep our community safe.
Congregation Dorshei Emet (514) 486-9400
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