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Well, a lot has happened since our last newsletter went out in early March!
(#understatementoftheyear) Despite the setbacks that this virus has brought to all of us, we are all grateful to be healthy and safe with our families. And w e have a few exciting news items to share!

Organizers Northwest has  officially gone virtual! If you are working from home and struggling with productivity, working with an organizer can help you create some planning, time management and organization strategies to get things done. Virtual organizing is also great for help organizing your paper piles, or any areas of your home that need some organizing systems in place.

We have also created organizing gift certificates, designed to be purchased now and given as gifts. Gift certificates are a great way to support small businesses during this crisis, and can be purchased for a client, loved one or even for yourself to use later on! And guys, mother's day is coming, hint hint!

We also offer a free phone consultation to anyone who has organizing questions, or even if you just want to talk to another person and get some ideas about your projects. We are here for you.

Stay strong everyone. As John Lennon said, "everything will be all right in the end, and if it's not all right, it's not the end."

Sending love to you all,

Missy and the team

On the Blog

Love, Contagion and Organization in the Time of COVID-19

By Veronica Bishop

It's been fifteen days, ten hours and four minutes since the Coronavirus became real in our household. Not that I'm counting.

I went to pick my son up from school on a Wednesday, and the teacher reported that he was definitely under the weather. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes. A regular, run of the mill cold. Probably.

I took him home and fussed over him. We decided to keep him home from school the next day, just to be sure. We did a big grocery shop (purchasing a normal amount of toilet paper, people), and hunkered down. That ended up being his last day of school for the foreseeable future.  Governor Kate Brown made the call to shut down Oregon schools by the end of the week, and that was that.

And we are still hunkering. Like many others, we wonder how long this will go on. Every day brings new surges of cortisol through my veins, as I fear the worst. And every day brings new laughter, shared delights and unprecedented togetherness. It's a mix of so many things. Fear and anxiety, yes. But also, supreme moments of clarity and reflection.

I wanted to share some of these, in case they are hopeful or helpful to anyone else.

Portland Events and Resources

Have Broken Stuff? Repair PDX wants to help

Our friends at Repair PDX have are looking for ways to help the community to repair broken things virtually! 

This short form will let them know what kinds of items currently need fixing and information about online ways they can be of service to our community.

Would you like a  repair  forum? Perhaps some links to  repair  videos? Would you like a volunteer to get in touch with you directly? Please let them know your needs and hopefully they can figure out a way to keep  repairing  your broken stuff!

Other Great Resources

Send Donations to Give Back Box

With most donation centers closed during the pandemic, we know a lot of you are keeping donations in the garage until further notice. But there is a different option! We're excited to let you know that Give Back Box is still in business! 

Here's how it works. 

1. Pack your donations into a used cardboard shipping box, like an Amazon box.

2.  Download a shipping label from their website and attach to the box. 
If you don't have a printer, send them an email with your address and they will mail you your label.

3.  Drop off the box either at the Fedex, Post Office or at any UPS drop off location (based on the label). You can also arrange for USPS to have this picked up from your home. Simply request a pick up when you download the shipping label and leave the box outside for USPS to pick up.
Learn More About Giveback Box / Print a Shipping Label

30 Day Organizing Challenge

Many of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future. Home = the place where all of our stuff lives. For those of us who were too busy to get organized, now is the time to do it! At some point, this thing will end and we will go back to our normal, frantically paced and busy lives. And this golden window of opportunity to get organized without other distractions will pass.

We're posting 1 activity per day for the next 30 days. We'll be posting in the regular feed and in my stories as well. Please feel free to follow along at your own pace!

Get Started

Organize your Receipts and Papers for Tax Season

Oh hey! Since the government pushed back our tax due dates to July 15, we know some of you are still working on them! 

The following is a great system that we have shared with many of our clients. It's easy to put in place and for other members of the household to understand. The best part is that, so long as you follow one simple guideline, those receipts and other tax related documents will STAY organized throughout the years!
Here's how to set it up!

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