Important COVID-19 Community Updates
We appreciate the chance to bring you up to speed on what we are learning from local and regional sources every day.

Check the City's Corona Virus website page .
Please dial 9-1-1 in cases of emergency only and call 847.234.2601 for non-emergencies. Continue to send any inquiries to . Many staff members are working from home and will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.
Lake County COVID-19 Data Release
Today, the Lake County Health Department released a new interactive map which shares the number of residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 in each municipality. You can view the map here .

Now, more than ever, people should understand the virus is in our community. Residents should stay at home as often as possible and follow the guidelines offered by our heath care professionals and under the Governor's Order.
Spring Ward Meetings Postponed
The City's Spring Ward Meetings have been postponed. New dates TBD.

Ward 3 was scheduled for April 7
Ward 4 was scheduled for April 15
Ward 1 was scheduled for April 29
Ward 2 was scheduled for April 30

We will keep you informed.
Landscaping and Construction
Many landscape maintenance services are exempt from the Governor’s Order and allowed to continue.

The City of Lake Forest urges all contractors to take precautions to prevent the spread of the virus to protect themselves, their clients and the larger community. We encourage you to avoid close contact with others, wash your hands frequently, avoid touching surfaces touched by others and track your contacts so in the event that you or someone you have come in contact with are diagnosed with the virus, proper steps can be taken.
Please Think before you Flush
The North Shore Water Reclamation District asks for your help and to not flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper. Flushing facial tissues, disinfecting wipes, napkins, paper towels, diapers and other products can create backups and overflows in the sewer system. This could potentially cause additional public health problems during this pandemic. Please convey this message to your families and friends!
Check out the new #withyouLFLB Program!

The Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce has created an online platform so residents can easily purchase gift certificates from our beloved local businesses. For information, click on the hashtag above.
How to Help:
Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital

"On behalf of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the many members of our community who have so generously stepped forward to provide donations to support our hospital staff during this crisis. We are uplifted and heartened by your kind actions.
First, in keeping with the current “shelter in place” order, we would welcome those in the community wishing to support our caregivers to consider making a donation to our  COVID-19 Relief Fund  or by donating to our  Employee Assistance Crisis Fund
Many individuals and organizations have offered to provide meals or non-perishable food to our staff. Since specific safety guidelines apply to these donations, we ask that you please contact Kelly Callen at  or 847.535.6851 to review the guidelines and schedule a drop-off location, date and time. Food can be accepted by scheduled drop-off only. We can generally accept restaurant-prepared, individually wrapped food and most non-perishable items. 

If you have other specific items you would like to donate, please first contact Marleana Cross at  or 847.535.6933 to confirm the items can be used. We will stay in communication with the City of Lake Forest and provide further information if/when we have other needs. Thank you again for your overwhelming expressions of caring and generosity. We are so deeply grateful.
The latest information about Northwestern Medicine’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on our website: ."
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