Health and Safety Planning for Businesses
A Message from Valarie Cofield
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Develop or Review a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)
  • Consider the essential resources needed to keep your business operating.
  • Consider the effects on business operations if absenteeism were 25-40%.
  • Identify and cross-train employees to perform essential roles in the case of severe staffing shortages.
  • Consider which employees would most likely be absent if schools close.
  • Identify alternate staff to fill essential positions.
  • Plan how to communicate and coordinate with employees, customers/clients, and suppliers during emergencies.
  • Consider trigger points to:
  • Reduce operations to core business activities with a diminished workforce
  • Temporarily reduce business services
  • Shorten hours of operation
  • Consider on-site housing arrangements for employees performing critical roles, if this were to become necessary.
Five Tips for Practicing Your Presence While Virtual
Provided by Todd Cohen
  1. Use a video service for your conference calls. There are many great options! Find where the camera is on your computer and make eye contact.
  2. Use names to keep people engaged
  3. Ask questions and acknowledge (with names) to stay engaged
  4. Summarize and ASK for something
  5. Rinse and repeat steps one-four.

EMSDC Staff Working Virtually
EMSDC is proactively taking COVID-19 precautions and is therefore working virtually until further notice. Please send an email or use the extensions at 215-569-1005 or 412-391-4423 to leave a voicemail. We will get back to you by the close of business.

Jan Fleishner (Certification) - [email protected] or x104
Darius Hurst-Rodney (Recertification) [email protected] or x115
Brittany Rivera (Accounting) - [email protected] or x110
Christine Robertson (Events) [email protected] or x114
Tricina Cash (Corporate Engagement) - [email protected] or x106
Meg Markley (Subscription Services) - [email protected] or x103
Alea Bunch - [email protected] or x111
Valarie Cofield - [email protected] or x111

EMSDC Program Changes
As a safety precaution for everyone, we are adapting our upcoming events and look forward to serving our constituents using available technology. Following are the most recent changes: 

March 19
March Pitch Madness is postponed 

March 20
PPL’s 4th Annual Supplier Diversity Conference is now a webinar 

March 23 and 25

March 30
 Facebook Live – New Year, New Opportunities will not be affected