Bulletin #16 - May 25, 2020
The NGCOA Canada has been in touch with the Ontario Government over the past week as we work to get additional clarity on the re-opening rules and guidance for our industry.
Great News on Power Cart Rules
Today we have received the following great news on power cart rules for golf operations across the province.

Q: Are CART DIVIDERS permitted to allow 2 golfers to share a power cart?
The directive we received today from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) confirmed that golf courses are now able to install cart dividers into their power carts to allow 2 golfers (who do not live at the same location) to share a power cart. There are many different options available in the marketplace, but you must be sure that the cart divider is structurally sound, properly attached to the cart, and does not impeded the driver’s vision while providing enough coverage to clearly separate the 2 golfers from touching during the round.

NOTE: WSPS has noted that due to volume of requests that they are currently receiving, they are unable to change every existing document but have verbally confirmed the above information to the NGCOA Canada while directing us to use other industries Health & Safety verbiage. In the case of golf cart dividers, WSPS has directed us to use the guidance on Health and Safety for Drivers and Truck Drivers During COVID-19 protocols which states: If it is necessary to transport passengers, consider installing transparent physical barrier(s) that does not impede field of vision between driver and any passengers.

Q: Can golfers have 2 golf bags on 1 power cart?
Workplace Safety & Prevention Services has also confirmed that golf courses are now able to allow 2 golfers to have both golf bags on 1 power cart as long as only 1 golfer actually drives the cart during the entire round. Golfers must use the Physical Distancing Rule (always remain 6-feet apart from your playing partner) and don’t touch each other’s playing equipment. Golfers must be made aware to not reach for clubs at the same time if they are both hitting a shot from the same area.

Although we have received confirmation from WSPS that the above exceptions are allowed, the updated and official government guidance calls out that courses should “ Limit golf cart use to 1 cart per golfer with the exception of those golfers who reside in the same household; and consider providing sanitizing wipes for customers. NOTE: Riders on the same cart must be able to prove they live in the same household.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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