The COVID-19 Relief Fund was created by The Community Foundation of Mendocino County to support basic needs of Mendocino County residents impacted by the pandemic. To date the Foundation has released $70,000 in food relief countywide, and $100,000 for immediate financial assistance. We are continually pursuing funding opportunities to try and bring much needed support to those with the greatest need in our community, with our fire recovery efforts guiding the process on how to quickly and efficiently get support out to our residents.

“I know that while Sonoma and the Bay Area often get access to resources, Mendocino County often is overlooked,” Kevin tells me. “We saw this with the fires, so much of the attention goes to the Northbay but stops before it reaches here. That is another reason we wanted to find a way to focus on supporting Mendocino County. We really wanted to find a good non-profit partner to get involved with, and multiple sources told me the Community Foundation was the best in the area. So we looked online and found the COVID-19 Relief Fund, and it was the perfect fit for what we wanted to do.”
When asked what impact the brewery hopes to make with their contributions, McGee said “There are people far more versed on where the needs are and how to effectively disburse the funds, so we just want to empower them with our support. We trust the Foundation knows what the community needs, so we have chosen to support the Foundation to do this work.”

Indeed, we have been working with our non-profit partners throughout the county to determine what needs exist. Food banks have seen their numbers double as families in need arrive in droves. Individuals without access to unemployment or stimulus payments are turning to local non-profits for much needed financial aid. B ased on the current economic data about our county, it is possible that as much 55% of Mendocino County are not likely to have the resources to weather the financial impacts of this crisis. Which is why we rely on donors, such as the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and our lead donors, to help those with the greatest need in our communities.