COVID-19 Policy and Legislative Updates
Through March 24, 2020
As our community comes together to manage COVID-19, the   Policy and Legislative Advisory Network (PLAN),  is committed to keeping the larger network abreast of policies, legislation, regulations, and rules being implemented across the state and nation in light of COVID-19. As a result, you will receive more frequent communications as the network receives additional updates.

Updates below include information through 3.24.2020 and were provided by:
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Local COVID-19 Policy Updates

Coronavirus In Colorado - The Latest
912 cases, 84 hospitalized, 35 counties, 7,701 people tested, 11 deaths, and 7 outbreaks at residential and non-hospital health care facilities. These are the latest Colorado numbers. Data is updated daily by about 4 p.m. and includes cases reported through 4 p.m. the previous day. READ MORE

Coloradans Asking For More From Congress
The new coronavirus has disrupted all aspects of everyday life and as people try to cope, one place they're turning for help is their member of Congress.  Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter's heard from his constituents a lot this past week - all looking for help. Like other members of the delegation, Perlmutter said he and his staff are trying to get answers for people as quickly as possible as they navigate government bureaucracy and foreign travel restrictions. Republican Sen. Cory Gardner - who's self-isolated due to exposure to a constituent who later tested positive - said via Skype that all congressional offices are feeling the pressure and fielding an array of questions. Contacting Congress helped in the case of Boulder resident Lisa Rogers. She called the office of Rep. Joe Neguse when her daughter, Charlotte, found herself stuck in Guatemala when she couldn't book a flight home before the border closed. Still, many people remain stuck abroad. Sen. Michael Bennet wrote the department to ask them to set up a task force to bring people home and provide logistical support and suggested allocating $200 million to the task. The department's Coronavirus Global Response Coordination Unit was set up last week. One thing is certain, our Congressional members are working hard trying to help our community. READ MORE

Grim Colorado Common Sense Policy Roundtable Forecast
Colorado could lose half its jobs in retail, recreation and entertainment, according to a new analysis of the coronavirus fallout from the Common Sense Policy Roundtable. The bread-and-butter components of the state's critical tourism economy are poised to lose more than 183,000 jobs, the report predicts. For perspective, roundtable researchers looked at the fallout from the 2009 recession, when 148,000 Coloradans went on unemployment insurance. The number of claims then never rose above 8,000 in a single week. In the past week, more than 25,000 Coloradans have applied for unemployment benefits. READ MORE

Colorado School Districts Creating Plans
School district leaders were on phone calls all week long brainstorming, including one with Gov. Jared Polis last Friday. Polis had announced last Wednesday that schools would be closed until April 17, and likely will be closed the rest of the school year. Polis' four-week school closure order requires public and private schools to "make every effort" to provide alternative instruction to the state's K-12 students. The order specifies three herculean tasks. They are: Keep the meals rolling (many students in poverty rely on federally reduced-priced lunches and breakfasts), keep learning happening, and try to think about a way to use your schools as childcare centers for children of essential personnel. READ MORE

City Of Boulder Follows Denver
Boulder city manager Jane Brautigam has issued an order for residents to shelter in place beginning at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and extending until April 10. The directive is similar to that which Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced on Monday. The city will allow essential businesses to remain open and ask them to provide enough space for customers to socially distance themselves. People experiencing homelessness are exempt from the order, but are "strongly urged to obtain shelter." READ MORE

Colorado Apartment Association recommends halting evictions, waiving late fees through April
The Colorado Apartment Association is advising its members to waive all late fees and pause evictions through the month of April, according to a list of recommendations the industry group released Tuesday. The list of recommended steps was created by the CAA's COVID-19 task force, which is comprised of representatives from 45 medium and large housing communities and housing providers throughout Colorado. The recommendations are intended to last through the end of April, although experts remain unsure how long the economic ripple effects of the pandemic will last. READ MORE
National COVID-19 Policy Updates

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in the US (MAP)

Please note: The linked map was prepared by  Dentons . All information is subject to change.

Senate Bill Status- No Deal (Yet) 
As of 5pm today, there is no Senate deal. But top Democrats and the Trump administration officials said they were optimistic about finalizing an agreement very soon on a roughly $2 trillion economic stabilization plan to respond to the pandemic, after striking a tentative deal to add oversight requirements for a $500 billion government bailout fund for distressed companies. READ MORE

President Trump Considering Re-Opening Economy
As cases of the novel coronavirus soar in the United States, health experts continue to warn that the only way to "flatten the curve" of the pandemic's impact is to enforce harsh social distancing restrictions and keep Americans at home. But President Donald Trump, less than a week after encouraging such steps in his 15-day "Coronavirus Guidelines for America," is already mulling a reversal. In tweets, retweets, and comments at the briefing on Monday, Trump publicly ruminated about pushing Americans to go back to work after his 15-day guidelines expire on March 30. According to reports, such an action would contradict the advice of public health officials - but be in line with some of his economic advisers, who are concerned about the long-term impact of keeping the American workforce on shutdown. READ MORE

New York City In Crisis
Experts on the White House Coronavirus Task Force expressed alarm on Tuesday over infection rates in New York City, and advised people who have passed through or left the city to place themselves into 14-day quarantine. Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, said new infection hot spots on Long Island indicate that people leaving the city are already spreading the virus. READ MORE

No More 2020 Olympics
In an unprecedented and unavoidable move, the International Olympic Committee and Japanese government agreed to postpone the 2020 Summer Olympics "to a date beyond 2020 but not later than summer 2021." Organizers said the Olympic flame will stay in Japan during the delay, and the Games will also continue to be officially called "Tokyo 2020," even as they move to 2021. READ MORE

A Lack Of ICU Beds
More than half the counties in America have no intensive care beds, posing a particular danger for more than 7 million people who are age 60 and up - older patients who face the highest risk of serious illness or death from the rapid spread of COVID-19, a Kaiser Health News data analysis shows. Even in communities with ICU beds, the numbers vary wildly, with some having just one bed available for thousands of senior residents The KHN findings put in stark relief a wrenching challenge hospitals in many communities - both urban and rural - could face during the coronavirus pandemic: deciding how to ration scarce resources.  READ MORE

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