Good afternoon providers,

Thank you for your continued patience as we go through this second “adventure” together. I know the days ahead will be challenging, but I have complete faith that we will emerge from this with our heads held high, remembering that “850 STRONG” was not just a saying to get us through recovery after a hurricane, it’s now our way of life.

As we continue to monitor the progress of COVID-19, it is critical that we communicate with you on a regular basis. It is our intent to send a status report via the BLAST each business day by 6:00 pm. While this is late in the day, it gives us enough time to process new information to share with you.

For today- I completed a conference call with OEL at 4:00 pm. During this call, Shan Goff committed to having written information to us that we can share with our providers. She expects this written guidance to come to ED’s late this evening. As soon as I receive it I will forward it to you. Until then, I ask that you continue to be mindful of the needs of the communities you serve and listen to local health department officials.

If you need to reach me, call me at 850-693-0808 or email . You, your staff, and the families you serve are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you again for your patience.

Suzan Gage
Executive Director
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