COVID-19 Mitigation Micro-Grant Application Update
The Coalition is reimbursing up to $500.00 for contracted School Readiness providers for their COVID-19 mitigation expenditures. Providers must complete the COVID-19 Mitigation Micro-Grant Application and upload receipts showing materials, supplies, or services purchased between March 1, 2020- April 10, 2020.

We have been made aware of some challenges regarding uploading documents to the COVID-19 Mitigation Micro-Grant Application through SurveyMonkey. Please see the guidance for file uploads below.

  • Applicants will need to upload all receipts, bank statements and invoices as a single scanned document.
  • The file cannot be larger than 16MB.
  • PDF documents, DOC/DOCX, PNG, JPG/JPEG and GIF files will be accepted.
  • If the files will not upload because they are too large, or because applicants need to upload multiple files, please send them to the Redline with “CVD19 Grant Application Files” in the subject line. 

To qualify for the micro-grant, your program must have already been a School Readiness provider as of 3/1/2020. School Readiness providers can receive only one micro-grant per contracted location. Grant applications will be accepted through 4/10/2020.

If you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 Mitigation Micro-Grant please send them through the  Redline. To access the application click on the Micro-Grant button below.
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