Aloha PMAG Physicians,

PMAG is coordinating a COVID-19 Patient Care Q&A effort to answer our clinicians' specific questions regarding the novel coronavirus.

Our board member, Dr. Erlaine Bello, a well-known Infectious Disease expert (Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases; Associate Professor Department of Medicine at JABSOM) is willing to take time from her busy schedule to answer questions for our PMAG physicians.
If you would like to watch Dr. Bello’s webinar from March 25, 2020, "COVID-19: The Crown Evolves," click here for the first 45 minutes recording Click here for entire talk on Powerpoint .
Here is the process:
  1. PMAG Physicians submit questions regarding COVID-19 Patient Care using this link.
  2. PMAG will collect the questions and forward to Dr. Bello.
  3. Dr. Bello will answer your questions as soon as she is able.
  4. PMAG will share the COVID-19 Q&A collected via email and post the Q&A on our website

We hope this effort will provide needed answers to our members during this critical time. Please submit your questions here. Dr. Bello will answer them as soon as she is able.

If you have questions about our COVID-19 Q&A efforts or process, please contact Jeong Ku Hwang, PQH Project Manager at .

Together, we can create win-win-win even in difficult situations. Thank you for your trust and patience with PMAG.


Gregg Shimomura, MD
PMAG Medical Director