Covid-19 Resource List
Optum Emotional Support Help Line Available to Anyone
The Optum Emotional Support Help Line is available 24/7 to anyone in need, even if they are not enrolled in your benefit plan. The help line 866-342-6892 is staffed by professionally trained mental health experts and free of charge.
Save money and avoid waiting rooms with

FYI - As can be expected, Teladoc wait times have increased due to the high demand for services. This is true for all health care settings. Last week, Teladoc delivered close to 100,000 visits, a 50% increase over the prior week. It is not uncommon for wait times to exceed one hour or more at this time.


We are working fast and furious, along with the entire community, to make sure that we are providing our communities with the best care possible, all the while keeping care givers and staff safe. Below are some of the measures we will have available to our community starting Monday, March 23 rd :

PHONE (417) 347-6444
Available Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

COVID-19 Drive-Thru Testing Site
Thousand Oaks Building located at 1905 West 32 nd Street – Joplin MO

Designated Visitor and Patient Freeman Facility Access
Designated visitor/patient entrances :
Enhanced Visitor Guidelines for Inpatient Settings at Freeman East, West, and Neosho
  • One visitor per patient per day – this means only one visitor may be in the hospital, including main entrance, at a time each day.

Medical Records

Frequently Asked Questions
What has Freeman done so far to prepare for testing and treatment of coronavirus patients?

Are Coronavirus test readily available at Freeman?

Currently test are readily available to Freeman via the Joplin Health Department. There is a protocol in place to ensure that patients with symptoms have access to testing. Patients cannot just request the test. They must meet screening criteria.