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COVID 19 Resources

Play it safe for a brighter tomorrow

By getting fully vaccinated, you're helping keep yourself and others safe. Getting vaccinated also means you can safely reconnect with your loved ones – it's a big step back to normal life.

While people who are fully vaccinated can enjoy more activities safely, it's important to wear a mask and practice social distancing in health care settings, such as clinics and hospitals, and where businesses or laws require it.

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COVID-19 recovery clinics provide support and hope in Chicagoland

Long haulers - patients who are experiencing lingering symptoms or additional health problems after being cleared of COVID-19 – are finding support and hope through Post COVID-19 recovery clinics at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, and Advocate Christ Medical Center, Oak Lawn, Ill.

Patients undergo a comprehensive assessment and are directed to care tailored to their individual needs. This includes, but is not restricted to, heart and lung assessments, memory assessments, and referrals to specialists.

Treatment at a recovery clinic can help patients learn how to deal with and improve post-COVID symptoms, such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, headaches, anxiety, and other neuropsychiatric effects.

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Are you or someone you know in the Chicago area struggling to cope with lingering side effects from COVID-19? Appointments are available at:

  • Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center: Call 847-384-3394
  • Advocate Christ Medical Center: Call 708-684-9335

Learn more.

New website offers COVID-19 information in one convenient spot

The newly launched website offers community members the latest resources and information in one convenient platform. The website is available in English, Spanish and Chinese and provides information on:

  • vaccines
  • masks
  • treatment options
  • testing
  • information about local virus spread
  • guidance on travel rules and restrictions
  • a new tool to help community members locate places to receive immediate antiviral treatments if they have COVID-19
  • and more

Visit the website.

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Free COVID-19 Test Kits Available

Test kits must be ordered online at

Each household must order their own kits. There is a limit of 4 tests per household.

You can assist people in completing the order request with their permission.

The only information requested is name and mailing address.

  • Information will NOT be shared with any other government agencies.
  • Information will NOT affect any social benefits.
  • Information will NOT track or affect immigration status.

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Give Your Community a Boost!

Each April, National Minority Health Month highlights the importance of taking action to be as healthy as possible. This year’s theme – Give Your Community a Boost! – reminds us to get the COVID-19 booster shot, one of the strongest tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic.

While COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations have slowly declined in recent weeks, the pandemic continues and we need to stay vigilant. We can all make a difference by:

  • Getting vaccinated and boosted and encouraging members of your community to do the same. Scheduling your vaccine at
  • Learning how to talk about vaccines with members of your congregation and community.

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Booster shots are available to anyone 12 and older. Learn more.

How to talk about vaccines

Courtesy: World Health Organization

Listen with empathy to those who have questions around vaccination.

Ask open-ended questions, such as “What have you heard about the COVID vaccines?” or “Why do you feel that way?”. These questions can help you better understand their concerns, and might also assist the other person in working through their thoughts.

Share trusted information. When you don’t know the answer or if you’re unsure about how to address their concern, offer to help look for information. Asking for their permission might make them more willing to listen to you rather than feeling like you’re pushing unwanted information on them.

Explore reasons for wanting to get vaccinated. When discussing vaccination, nothing works as well as getting personal. Share your own reasons for wanting to get vaccinated and, if you’re in a position to, your experience of vaccination.

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Reducing shame and stigma of COVID-19

Studies show one in four Americans associate shame with COVID-19. They may feel judged by others if they get sick. They may be stigmatized: labelled, stereotyped, and/or discriminated against because of a perceived link with the disease.

Stigma and shame can make it even more difficult to control the spread of COVID-19. For example, stigma can:

  • Deter people from getting tested
  • Drive people to hide symptoms or illness to avoid discrimination.
  • Prevent people from seeking health care unless their symptoms get worse.
  • Make people hesitant to notify others they may have inadvertently exposed them.

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As people of faith, we can take steps to reduce the shame and stigma around COVID-19 by:

  • Showing empathy for those affected
  • Speaking up against negative stereotypes
  • Encouraging and modeling mitigation behaviors, such as mask wearing and social distancing
  • Condemning harassment and violence toward people who are following public health guidelines
  • Offering simple praise, such as “thank you for sharing information about the close contact,” or “thank you for wearing a mask.”

Access community resources through Local Services Guide

Do you need extra support and aren’t sure where to turn? Do you need to know more about programs that are available in your neighborhood?

Advocate Aurora Health recognizes the need for an up-to-date, reliable, tested list of community services that are easily accessed with a click of a button.

The Advocate Aurora Health Local Services Guide allows you to find free and low-cost options for food, safe housing, child care, transportation and more.

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Videos to share

Vaccination helps protect children who are immunocompromised and have other health concerns.

Addressing vaccine hesitancy.

The Advocate Aurora Health YouTube channel offers additional videos on COVID-19 vaccination and a wide range of other topics.

Advocate Aurora Health Faith and Health Partnerships

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We work side-by-side with faith communities to promote health equity by mobilizing the transforming power of social connectedness and spiritual wisdom.

Our core belief: Drawing on the wisdom of our religious traditions and the best social and public health science, we believe that positive, mutual relationships and the intentional practice of faith are at the heart of what creates equitable health and well-being for individuals, congregations and communities.

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