April 2, 2020
An Important Message for NJANA Members

NJANA has built a COVID Task Force to equip each and every CRNA with high-quality, evidence-based information that is currently being generated at the speed of light. We hope that in providing this information on the most up-to-date guidelines for the safety, assessment, management, treatment and care of both patients as well as providers, we can help our members succeed. 

We hope to help relieve even a small bit of the overwhelming stress that each, and every one of you faces as you spearhead this ongoing pandemic.

We will be providing regular updates and creating an arsenal of information that will be available 24/7 on our website Coronavirus Resource Page , through weekly Constant Contact emails on Tuesday mornings, and via instant updates on Facebook and Twitter daily or as information becomes available. Topics will include: healthcare updates, algorithms, one-page reference guides, wellness initiatives, etc. 

Make sure to check out Facebook for our "Wellness Wednesday's" posts to get the latest tips and techniques to help you battle stress, fatique and burnout.

We welcome any, and all suggestions and requests for information. We are here to represent and support you!

Stay safe and stay healthy. We will make it through this and come out stronger together!

Your NJANA Board

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Educate and Prepare. Be part of the solution!
Educate and Prepare. Be part of the solution!
This is a proposed utilization of Advanced Practice Nurse-Anesthesia professionals to meet the growing demand for patients requiring critical care and ventilator support. Due to the ventilator shortage, anesthesia machines can and will be utilized in the ICU setting.

Anesthesia machines must be managed by anesthesia professionals trained in their use and require specific knowledge and skills to optimize their function and to ensure they are being used safely. As Nurse Anesthetists, we are highly educated and trained specialists with a background in critical care delivery both in the ICU and in the OR. This background and training allow us to optimize these ventilators.

We are ready to lead healthcare teams to improve patient outcomes and to effectively expand the scope of needed resources. 

Below are some resources to assist in delivering the highest quality of care.
Society for Critical Care Medicine Tiered Staffing Strategy:
Anesthesia Machine Checkout and Review
COVID-19 Specific Resources
Critical Care Management
Mental Health & Wellness
Smartphone Apps for Mental and Emotional Health –These are free and some are offering their paid-premium access at no cost right now:

  • Safe Space, by Vibrant Emotional Health – an interactive website with tools to manage anxiety and stress. 
  • Sanvello – offering free premium access to mental health assessments, help with anxiety, and social connection. 
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Headspace – free collection of meditations to help with anxiety, movement, sleep, etc.
  • Insight Timer – free library of guided meditations; connect with other users
  • Shine – learn self-care strategies and connect with others in this community; also has an audio library of meditations, music, bedtime stories
  • Calm – guided meditations for sleep, stress, anxiety, and mindfulness