April 20, 2020
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Virtual Support Groups
FREE Virtual Support for Frontline Health Care Workers

AANA has partnered with Parkdale Center to provide a variety of resources and free virtual support groups including peer-support and sessions facilitated by mental health clinicians for all frontline healthcare professionals. 
Click here to read the story or visit supporthefront.com .

If you are struggling and need immediate assistance, call 888-855-1058.
Wellness Wednesday Feature
Reactions to Trauma

Living through a traumatic event or experience can leave an imprint on the brain that can impact your behavior resulting in feelings of anxiety, guilt, anger and even PTSD.

Click here to learn about the 21 most common reactions to trauma from Psychology Today .
Member Information: Financial Planning
Mike McSweeny a financial advisor with Certified Financial Services who has been a guest speaker for NJANA meetings, is offering free consultations to NJANA members to help them better understand how the COVID-19 Pandemic may impact their financial plan, retirement and other important issues.

Click here for a message from Mike with some helpful links.

NJANA Member Accomplishments
Anesthesia Machines Could Provide Life-Saving Alternative to Ventilators 

NJANA member Michael McLaughlin, DNP, APN/CRNA, an assistant professor and assistant program director of the  Rutgers Nurse Anesthesia program was interviewed about how Anesthesia machines can be converted to ventilators in a matter of minutes with a few simple modifications to help alleviate the ventilator shortage.

Click here to read more.
Helping Families Say Goodbye

NJANA member Lindsey Allen, DNP, APN/CRNA, was featured in an article on the AANA website about how CRNA's can help families say goodbye to loved ones. (Lindsey pictured right)

Click here to read more.