COVID-19 Response ~ March 18, 2020
Greetings BFC family,

We indeed are living in unprecedented times! The inherent beauty of Christ's Church is that she has always been designed to be flexible, fearless and faithful in moments of chaos. We continue to pray for you as you adapt to not being able to corporately gather in large groups during this season. While not always easy or ideal, decentralization from a building focus can have benefits to making disciples. A prayerful walk with Jesus Christ leads to creative, practical solutions to complex problems. William Arthur Ward said , "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."

One church in our Fellowship is looking into a "drive in movie" type corporate gathering for Easter. A large screen and live worship team in the church parking lot will allow people to gather while still practicing social distancing. Most of our churches are providing some sort of live stream of corporate worship.

For churches who have not yet developed an Internet delivery system, this is an opportune time to establish an online presence. Click the link below for a free resource from Life.Church that can help you get started

Many of our churches have designated a website page for Covid-19 Updates. We encourage you to go other Berean websites to glean ideas. Here is one example:

Yesterday (March 17, 2020), I listened to Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts as he informed over 460 pastors on a conference call across the state. Some highlights of his message:

  • local churches will know better than anyone the highest risk elderly to adopt in their congregations who need help in food, medicine, supplies and can quickly help them...

  • local churches can be the hands and feet of Jesus to help health care workers with child care, supply procurement, etc...

  • local churches can be the quickest to know and help the truly needy in their communities...

The history of the church is filled with examples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ never changing, but methodology adapting to culture, crisis, and calamitous events. As you bring the Gospel to bear in your local communities by: opening your building up to groups smaller than 10 to worship and pray, enhancing your live stream by at least having a few folks to preach too, bringing supplies for the needy, and collecting offerings for those hit hardest by this pandemic, know that you can trust a sovereign God who is using this situation to glorify Himself and purify His church.

A verse God consistently uses in our lives during difficult times is " As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands."
Psalms 119:143, NLT

We desire to continue to be available to you for any type of encouragement or need so please do not hesitate to call, text, or email. We love you so much.

Christ is life!

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