Prairie du Chien Community
COVID-19 Resources / Updates

By implementing a COVID-19 Response Plan, an “essential” company pledges to dedicating
resources immediately to identify and mitigate situations in the workplace which may introduce,
expose or spread COVID-19. Each company’s written plan, unique to the operations under its
control, will document the identification and mitigation measures taken, including all engineering
controls, administrative controls and safe work practices, and will update that plan on a regular
basis for the duration of the COVID-19 Situation.

• Ban in-person meetings (internal or external) and employee convenings (formal or informal) of
any size. Employee communication handled virtually wherever possible.

• Regular body temperature scans performed and logged for all on-site employees (contingent on
availability of scanning devices, which are in short supply due to acute global demand).

• Immediate workflow audit that removes instances of employees being within 6’ of each other.

• Reduction of on-site work hours to minimum needed to sustain operations.

• Staggered shifts and work hours to minimize on-site human presence at a given time.

• Staggered use of all shared spaces, including bathrooms, breakrooms and lunchrooms.

• Staggered facility entry and exit procedures.

• Mandatory work at home for all employees except the absolute minimum required for baseline
production and logistics functions.

• Sanitary processes implemented throughout facility (soap, hand sanitizer, single-use gloves, doors
propped open, hands-free capabilities, no shared food).

• Blue tape marking of surfaces that receive frequent human contact; disinfection of these surfaces
multiple times daily.

• International travel ban – business and personal.

• Domestic business travel bans except for critical operations (with senior management approval).
Domestic personal travel requires employee to self-quarantine for 14 days and be symptom-free
before returning to work.

• Any employee returning from a Level 2 or 3 CDC travel country must self-quarantine for 14 days
and be symptom-free before returning to work.

• No deliveries except those that support production activities or emergency building maintenance.

• No visitors (including suppliers and customers) except those approved by senior management.

• Employees must immediately report symptoms associated with COVID-19 exposure.

• Employees must report contact with any person who tests positive for COVID-19; employee must
subsequently self-quarantine for 14 days and be symptom-free before returning to work.

• Essential manufacturing personnel should be evaluated in the testing queue, especially in
circumstances in which employers would request workers to be sequestered on site, Certify clean
and then shelter in the workplace.